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What is Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)?

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) is an academic support program that is available to students enrolled in a 16-week Math 101 course. SLA features weekly study and practice labs twice a week in which students master course content to develop and apply specific learning strategies for the course, as well as strengthen their study skills to improve performance in the current SLA course, and for future courses. The labs are led (facilitated) by successful upper-level students, who in collaboration with the professor, develop lab materials. The facilitators clarify lecture points for the students and assist them in understanding the expectations of the professor, while additionally focusing on improved study skills.

The content for an SLA course is identical to that of a non-SLA course. The difference is that the SLA student is required to attend all SLA lab sessions for the entire semester. SLA lab activities frequently include study guides, collaborative learning/group activities, homework assistance, test preparation, and study skills such as discovering your preferred learning style, efficient note-taking, time management, and test-taking strategies. SLA labs meet from one to two hours per week throughout the entire semester. The SLA lab times are formally attached to the student’s class schedule and there is no additional charge to the student for this support.