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Information for Students

The Center for Access and Academic Testing assists students with documented disabilities as they pursue their goal of a college education. The office serves as a liaison between students and the university in matters of communication and action toward achievement of reasonable accommodations.  Our office provides students with the voluntary and confidential means to seek accommodations for academic and related needs. Early and regular contact will assure the timely identification of needed services, and the location of resources and options available to the student.

Eligibility For Services

Eligibility for disability services at Tarleton is dependent upon the nature of the disability and its impact on learning. A disability is defined as any mental or physical condition that substantially limits an individual's ability to perform one or more major life activities. These disabilities may be: physical, visual or auditory, neurological or psychological in nature, and also include chronic health problems and learning and communication disorders.

High School vs College

Anxious about the differences between high school and college? Not sure what to expect from our services? Here's a list of some comparisons between disability services provided in high school and college.

High School College
Services are provided Services are sought by student
School staff or parent is advocate Student is advocate
Annual review & IEP No annual review or IEP
Regular parent contact No parent contact
Entitlement law (IDEA) Anti-discrimination law (ADA)
Educational and psychological testing is provided Educational and psychological testing is not provided

Assistive Technology

CAAT maintains an inventory of assistive technology software and equipment for your use. Software is available on various computers on the Stephenville campus, and equipment may be used on site or may be checked out for long term use.