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Funding for ARC-C Sessions

Academic Resource Center Coaching (ARC-C) sessions typically receives funding from the advising and academic support fee through student fees. This pool of funding is used to provide ARC-C sessions for the most students possible based on specific criteria.  This criteria is, generally, based on a large percentage of grades of D, F, or Withdrawal for the class over a range of time.

To create effective ways to accomplish the goals of the university's strategic plan, We are willing to partner with you! We are willing to coordinate ARC-C sessions for any course in any academic department that is willing to fund the ARC-C Leader. $1200 covers the cost of one leader for one semester, which results in approximately 39 ARC-C sessions.

We will support ARC-C for any course if an academic department is willing to fund the ARC-C.

In this situation, we specifically need:

  • Support of Department Chairperson
  • Support of Instructor(s) for the course
  • Commitment by the department to fund the ARC-C sessions