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Proctored Exams

Proctoring Exams for Tarleton Students

A proctored exam is a supervised exam. If Tarleton State University students are enrolled in an online (Internet) course or program for which proctored exams are required, they are responsible for arranging for a proctor to oversee the exam process. Please make sure your proctor choice is on the Approved Proctor List prior to any testing.  You will then let your professor know where you plan to have your exam(s) proctored.  Please refer to your syllabus or course information in Blackboard regarding how your professor wants you to provide your proctor choice to them.  Professors send out the exam information to proctors; therefore, you must follow their instructions regarding letting them know your choice.  It is your responsibility to schedule your exam with your chosen proctor.  Many proctors fill up very quickly thus you are encouraged to schedule early.  Please note that not all professors allow the use of Examity.

Relatives, no matter what their position, may not serve as a proctor.  Any expenses related to the proctoring of an exam will be the responsibility of the student.

Proctor locations will not be added to the Approved Proctor List if you are within 75 miles of a location that is already approved.

Proctored Exam Information for Tarleton:

  • If you are taking your proctored exam at Tarleton State University's Stephenville campus, go to Schedule an Exam to find out available times and to schedule.
  • Plan to take exams within the time allowed per the directions of the instructor.
  • Plan to arrive at the testing center at least fifteen minutes before the time set for the exam.
  • Please bring a photo id (Texan Card or Driver's License) and any other supplies that may be required by your instructor.
    • Prohibited items include cell phones, children, food, drinks, or tobacco.
  • Upon completing the exam, return the exam to the proctor and the proctor will return the exam to the Instructor.
  • Video/Audio Surveillance and wand metal detectors may be used.

Note: If a student is not able to take the exam at the designated time, special arrangements need to be approved by the instructor.  Academic Testing cannot approve any requests for examination procedures that do not coincide with those set by the instructor. The instructor reserves the right to refuse a make-up exam, assign an alternative exam, or not accept exams that were turned in late by students.

Proctoring Exams for Non-Tarleton Students

  • Make an appointment:  Go to Schedule an Exam to find out available times and to schedule.
  • Administration Fee: $28.50 per exam (subject to change)
  • All Fees must be paid prior to testing while scheduling
    • The Center for Access and Academic Testing CANNOT take any payments in the office.
  • Please bring with you to your testing appointment:
    • Print and bring your receipt for proof of payment
    • Valid Photo ID (Your proof of identification must have your picture and name on it. If you are using your driver's license, please make sure that it is current; we are unable to use expired identification.)
  • no cell phones, children, food, drinks, or tobacco.

Academic Testing is obligated to report scores that accurately reflect the performance of all test takers.  For this reason, test administration and test security standards must be followed.  The following activities are strictly prohibited in the testing room: giving or receiving assistance of any kind, attempting to remove test materials from the testing room (including scratch paper), using unauthorized testing aids, attempting to take the test for someone else, failure to follow testing procedures, or causing a disturbance of any kind.  Also, you may not bring in the testing room:  children, food, tobacco, or drinks.  If you use an unauthorized aid, fail to follow testing procedures, or engage in any type of misconduct, you may be dismissed from the testing center and your scores can and will be canceled.