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Accommodated Testing Protocol

Stephenville Students

Professors wishing to utilize the Center for Access and Academic Testing to administer accommodated exams will need to first enroll through our online system by following these directions.  Your students will not be able to schedule an accommodated exam without you first completing the enrollment.  This is now necessary due to the large increase in proctored exams.  Please contact CAAT with any questions and we will be happy to assist (254-968-9423 or

Students requesting to test with accommodations in Academic Testing, at the Stephenville campus:

If your professor has not created their profile there will NOT be a test available for you to schedule for. Your professor will need to contact CAAT as soon as possible with any questions about setting up their profile.

  1. Select ‘Schedule an Exam’ in the top left
  2. Sign in using your Tarleton email
  3. Fill in the options appropriately:
  4. Choose Exam Type: Select the current semester
  5. Choose a Group: 'Stephenville Campus - Students Only'
  6. Choose a Group: Choose the college of the exam you are needing to take
  7. Choose an Exam: Select the exam you would like to take
  8. Choose the Date: Pick a date from those available
  9. Choose a Time: Choose an available time
  10. Who is taking the exam: Enter your information (Your information may already be filled in, please check to make sure it is correct).


 Fort Worth Students

Students requesting to test with accommodations in Academic Testing, at the Fort Worth campusmust obtain an Examination Request Form online or from the Hickman building on the 5th floor.

  1. Please complete all student information at the top of the request form. Academic Testing is open from 9 AM-9 PM Monday-Thursday & are closed from 3 PM-5 PM. An exam will ONLY be given from 12-1 if the instructor designates that hour. Please use the Time Schedule provided to complete your request.
  2. Once the student portion is complete, the student must have the instructor’s portion filled out completely with a signature.
  3. Student should return the Examination Request Form to Academic Testing at least one week before exam date. (Most exam dates are on the class syllabus!)
  4. Students are responsible for bringing all approved items with them to the exam unless provided by instructor. Academic Testing does not provide calculators or scantrons.
  5. Academic Testing reserves the right to deny a request if the protocols are not followed or if it is not submitted within a reasonable time to provide the accommodation(s) needed.
  6. If a student is more than 15 minutes late (according to Academic Testing time) the exam will not be administered until the instructor has given permission to do so.
  7. Please remember that there are no cell phones, food or drinks (including water) allowed in the testing rooms.

Contact information for the Fort Worth campus. or call (817) 484-4230.