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Academic Testing

Overview of Services

Entrance exams

act and sat are exams typically taken by high school students planning to apply for admission to a college or university.  Many questions can be answered and scheduling can be found at the above links.

TSI Assessment

Unless exempt, (for exemption criteria please visit Admissions Exemption Requirements) students planning to attend a Texas institution of higher education must complete the TSI Assessment. Incoming Tarleton students will not be invited to Orientation until scores or exemptions are on file with Admissions. Detailed information can be found when scheduling your exam (please select "Placement Exams").  The TSI is $15 per section.  If you have a webcam and wish to test at home, you may choose to test through B-Virtual; this option has an additional $25 proctor fee.

Math Boot Camp

Math Boot Camp gives eligible developmental math students the chance to improve their placement while also working out their math muscles. For one week during Transition Week in August dedicated students will sharpen their skills on the math material they need for their fall semester courses. At the end of the week, each student will take a placement test and could skip right past the math class they were planning to enroll in thus saving both time and money. Even if a student does not skip a class with their placement test score they will be more fully equipped to successfully complete the math course they have scheduled.

Math Boot Camp is a program for students who have placed into Math 0303 or Math 0304. A Student that has placed into College Level Mathematics (Math 1314, 1332, 1324, 1342) or higher cannot improve their placement through Math Boot Camp.

For more information please contact the Freshman Mathematics Coordinator, Kayla Wood at 254-968-9168.  Please schedule for Math Boot Camp.

College Level Math Placement

Some students are seeking degrees for which it would be beneficial to enroll in a non-entry point freshman math during their first semester. With advisor approval and you have passed the TSI math or have met the Admissions Exemption Requirements, those students may take the College Level Math Placement Exam (CLMPE). This exam can be proctored at approved locations and can only be taken ONE (1) time.  Although the exam itself is free, if you have the exam proctored elsewhere, there will likely be a proctor fee.

Education Majors

We are a site for TExES teacher certification exams through ETS.  You will find the exams that are offered and sign up for these exams through your TEA account. We work closely with the Educator Preparation Services to provide testing opportunities to meet the needs of Tarleton students.  Visitors, please view the Parking Information section of visitor information. 

Nursing Majors

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam is required for admission to Tarleton's Nursing Program.  Allied Health tests may be taken here.  Contact Nursing for more information.

Credit by Examination

Students seeking to obtain college credit through exams may be interested in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Although caat offers all of the exams available through CLEP, Tarleton does not award credit for each exam. Prior to registering for CLEP, please review the relevant information in the current catalog (Scroll down to "Course Credit" and click the arrow to the right to expand) and/or check with your department or advisor to ensure your department accepts the exam you wish to take.  Registration and an $85 fee are handled online through College Board.  An appointment must be made and $18.50 proctor fee paid to CAAT for testing.  For those taking the Spanish Language Placement Exam, it is advised that you do so BEFORE attempting to take the Spanish CLEP exam.

Language Placement Exam

Some students are seeking degrees for which it would be beneficial to enroll in a non-entry point freshman language during their first semester. With advisor approval, those students may take one of the Language Placement Exams offered by Tarleton. The exam is free but it can only be taken ONCE. Your scores will be reported to and interpreted by the Language Department. For those taking the Spanish Language Placement Exam, it is advised that you do so BEFORE attempting to take the Spanish CLEP exam.


Tarleton State University no longer offers the GED through Pearson Testing Service.

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Resources & Information

Testing Center Policies

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in testing labs.
  • No one may accompany you inside the testing labs. Childcare not provided.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your testing time.
  • Be sure to have a photo ID (Texan Card or VALID Driver's License) with you when you check-in.
  • Any payment for exams should be made prior to your arrival unless other arrangements have been made.
  • No personal items (including cell phones) are allowed in the testing labs (lockers are available at no cost).
  • The suite is video and audio monitored for test security; risks to the integrity of the testing environment will not be tolerated.