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Welcome to Student Life Studies


"The mission of the student life studies department is to engage in regular assessment, evaluation, and planning methods that will enhance programs and services within the Division of Student Affairs by quantifying and qualifying student learning and development."

As a member of the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Student Life Studies reports to Darla Doty, Interim Vice President. The Office is responsible for providing direction and collaborating with the division's departments on their assessment, evaluation, and reporting requirements. Additionally, the Office collaborates with other divisions/departments across the institution in the collection and interpretation of data as well as research activities. Information related to institutional and divisional assessments, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education program reviews, and annual reports may be accessed via the "Assessment and Evaluation" link on the left.

Contact Information

Office of Student Life Studies
T-Box 0675, Stephenville, TX 76402
Phone: 254-968-9080
Fax: 254-968-9735

Division of Student Affairs