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General Parking & Traffic Regulations

I. Introduction

Pursuant to the authority granted by the Texas Education Code, Tarleton State University has established regulations and procedures applicable to anyone who walks, drives, and/or parks a vehicle on campus. The operation of any vehicle on the Tarleton campus is a privilege granted by the University and not an inherent right of any faculty/staff member or student. All faculty/staff, commuter or residential living students who park on the University campus must register their vehicles and purchase a parking permit from the University Parking Office. If you change plates on your vehicle or get a new vehicle, you must notify the Parking Office. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking place on campus. The University is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to, or loss of, any vehicle parked or operated on University property. The University reserves the right to: 

  • Remove or impound any vehicle operated or parked in violation of University Regulations;
  • Close any campus parking area or facility or to change the designation of any parking area. Such changes will be announced on the Event Calendars, our parking homepage, and/or via email and other media as practicable;
  • Suspend or revoke any permit;
  • Bar the registration and withhold the grades, diplomas, refunds, and official transcripts of any student for nonpayment of outstanding charges;
  • Deny parking permits and parking privileges to those with unpaid charges;
  • Bring disciplinary action against employees or students who fail to abide by these regulations; and
  • Grant the Director of University Police broad discretionary powers to enforce special traffic and parking control when not specifically covered by these regulations.

Tarleton Police Officers are commissioned by the State of Texas to enforce all State and Federal laws, the Texas State Traffic Code, Texas Penal Code, applicable ordinances of the City of Stephenville, and within the county where Tarleton State University owns or leases property. All persons on University property are required to identify themselves to Police Officers when requested. All accidents, thefts, or other offenses which occur on University property are to be immediately reported to the University Police at 254/968-9002 during business hours, 8 am to 5 pm, M - F. If after business hours, they should be reported to the Emergency Control Center @ 3-1-1 (from blue light phones or campus phones), or 254-968-9265. If an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

II. Definitions

  • Campus-Includes all property under Tarleton State University control. 
  • Commuter-Any student NOT residing in a Tarleton Residence Hall or Tarleton assigned apartment complex.
  • Reserved Parking-Faculty/staff parking where a particular space is assigned to a particular individual. This definition also applies to spaces showing 24 Hour Reserved (including Official Vehicle and Police Unit spaces), and Maintenance spaces.
  • AT-LARGE Parking-Faculty/staff parking where they may park in any open (non-numbered) space in their assigned parking lot.
  • Resident Student-Any student residing in a Tarleton Residence Hall or Apartment. 
  • University-Refers to Tarleton State University. 
  • Vehicle-Includes automobiles, buses, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles, go-carts, and tractors. 
  • Visitor-A person who is neither a student nor an employee of Tarleton. The student or employee is responsible for obtaining a parking permit for family members. All visitors are requested to obtain and display a valid visitor permit.

III. General Traffic Regulations

  1. The purpose of these regulations is to provide for the safety and welfare of students, employees and visitors, and to provide for the control of traffic and parking.
  2. The maximum allowable speed on campus is 20 miles per hour, except where otherwise posted. 
  3. Only approved University vehicles may drive on sidewalks. Operation in parking lots is regulated by Texas Motor Laws as well as Tarleton State University regulations.
  4. Pedestrians shall have the right of way at designated marked pedestrian crosswalks:
    • Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle on the roadway;
    • Pedestrians shall not leave the curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield;
    • Pedestrians may cross an intersection diagonally only where permitted by special traffic control device;
    • The operation of a vehicle shall be restricted to the campus drives, streets, and parking lots;
    • The driver of any vehicle involved in a collision shall immediately stop at the scene of the accident or collision, and by the quickest means of communication report the accident or collision to the University Police Department;
    • No person shall fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or directions of any University police officer (regarding direction, control, or regulation of traffic.);
    • Any person who willfully or through negligence causes damage to Tarleton property shall be liable for any damage done to the property;
    • All vehicles operated upon the campus shall be done so in compliance with applicable State laws and University Regulations, and shall properly display a current parking permit prior to parking in approved areas.;
    • All vehicles are required to stop completely at each STOP sign, and then proceed cautiously without creating a hazard to vehicles not required to stop;
    • The operator of a vehicle shall yield right-of-way to pedestrians in marked crosswalks;
    • No operator of a vehicle shall drive beyond a barricaded area, or where prohibited by temporary or permanent signs or markings; no unauthorized operator or person shall remove such barricades or signs;
    • No driver or operator of any vehicle shall back a vehicle into an intersection or back upon any traffic lane;
    • No person in control or possession of a motor vehicle shall bring the same to a sudden start or stop in a parking lot or street, accelerate or race the motor, or honk the horn so as to cause a loud noise or in a manner calculated to disturb the person or persons present;
    • No person may throw or deposit any trash, litter, tobacco, or other waste on any parking area, lawn, street, or sidewalk;
    • Drivers will transport only those persons who can be safely accommodated inside the vehicle. Drivers of motorcycles will limit passengers to one other person;
    • All motor vehicles must be effectively muffled, and must be operated without generating unnecessary noise.;
    • Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and roller skates are regulated by separate policy (ask for latest regulations);
    • Unleashed animals are not allowed on campus, in vehicles or otherwise;
    • Operating any vehicle on University property without a valid driver’s license is prohibited;
    • Only University-owned motorized carts are allowed on campus;
    • Trailers must be authorized for overnight parking. Storage parking of trailers on campus is prohibited.  Any trailers on campus must be parked in P34N or P34S located across Washington St. at the corner of Washington and Harbin; and
    • Bus Parking ONLY in P34N or P34S located across Washington St. at the corner of Washington and Harbin.

IV. Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. 
  2. Only vehicles which have a valid parking permit issued by the University may park on campus. Permits are only valid for parking in the space or zone for which they are issued. Students visiting Tarleton residential halls or apartments may park in the nearest purple zone area.  All permit colors (red, purple, blue) may park in All-Zone (green) parking lots.
  3. Visitors to campus are required to display a Visitor’s permit, which may be obtained by the visitor, a student, or employee at the Parking Office (at no charge) prior to parking. Former students and students between semesters are required to observe campus parking rules and regulations and must obtain a temporary parking permit (at no charge) from the Parking Office.
  4. Persons conducting business with or who render a service-for-hire to the University are required to obtain a Vendor’s permit from the Parking Office. 
  5. Parking is restricted to spaces that are defined by two (2) yellow  or white parallel stripes or by wheel stops. It is a violation to pull through or back into an angled space
  6. Bicycles shall only be parked in the bicycle parking areas; parking a bicycle inside a building is expressly forbidden. All bicycles must be registered through the parking office and have a bicycle permit! (free).
  7. Parking is not allowed where prohibited by unmarked yellow curbs, permanent or temporarily posted signs, or other markings on streets and parking lots. 
  8. Parking is prohibited on any lawn, curb, sidewalk, or any area not designated as a parking space or lot, or in any restricted or unauthorized area. Parking in unmarked lots is expressly prohibited. 
  9. It is prohibited to park a vehicle in any place where it may create a traffic hazard or where it blocks or impedes pedestrian or vehicular traffic or obstructs the entrance or exit of a building.
  10. Except for resident students and University vehicles, parking a vehicle on campus for more than twenty-four (24) hours requires approval from the University Parking Office. If your vehicle is broken down on campus, call the Parking Office and let them know where your vehicle is and how long it will be parked there. After business hours, please leave a message.
  11. Visitor parking spaces may NOT be utilized by Tarleton faculty/staff or students between the hours of 6:00am and 5:00pm.
    1. Having five (5) or more outstanding, unanswered, or unpaid citations
    2. Any unauthorized vehicle left in Visitor or Reserved Parking between 6:00am and 5:00pm WILL BE TOWED at OWNERS EXPENSE.
  13. Parking spaces designated for handicapped may be used by persons who have and display a Tarleton handicapped permit. Temporary handicapped permits are available with proper documentation.
  14. Every vehicle parked upon a two-way roadway shall be parked with the right-hand wheels parallel to and within eighteen inches of the right-hand curb. 
  15. Passenger vehicles or trucks shall not be parked in spaces reserved for motorcycles or bicycles. 
  16. Motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes or bicycles shall not be parked in spaces designated for passenger vehicles or trucks unless they hold a faculty/staff permit for that space.
  17. No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle within an intersection, on a crosswalk, or on a sidewalk. 
  18. Parking in loading zones and service drives is restricted to a maximum time limit of fifteen (15) minutes and will be allowed only for the actual process of loading and unloading equipment, supplies, and merchandise (unloading permit required).  Unloading permits are available at the Parking Office.
  19. Official University vehicles are allowed to park in any area of the campus, except Handicapped and Reserved, during the performance of official duties. 
  20. All student workers are required to have STUDENT permits even if they are not enrolled in classes. You will park in Purple Zone only.
  21. Parking in fire lanes is prohibited.

V. Permits and Fees

  1. All parking permit fees are included on your student bill.   Permits may be obtained by ordering them online at Lost or stolen permits should be reported to the Parking Office and a replacement permit must be obtained at a cost of $10.00 each.
  2. All students must receive a parking permit and have it properly displayed in the vehicle by the second week of the fall semester. Citations for “No visible permit” and “Displaying an expired permit” will be issued starting the second week of each semester.  All other violations are always cited.
  3. Special students, part-time students, and auditing students shall be treated as regular students and must pay the appropriate fee for the type of permit issued. 

A. General Information

  1. Display of permits
    1. The permit must be clearly visible and attached to the lower right (passenger side) of the front windshield. This permit may be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Only one permit should be displayed on the windshield.
    2. In the case of a vehicle that has not been registered with the Parking Office, the person to whom the permit in the vehicle is registered is responsible for all citations on that vehicle.
  2. Return or Removal of Permits
    Permits shall be returned or removed:
    1. When association with the University is terminated.
    2. Upon revocation of permit.
  3. Annual faculty/staff/student permits will be valid from the date of purchase through August 31 of the current fiscal year.

B. Classes of Permits and Fees

  1. Student including Handicapped - Annual $80.00
  2. Student Motorcycle - Annual $25.00
  3. Bicycle - Annual, FREE
  4. Faculty/Staff  AT-LARGE including Handicapped - Annual $80.00
  5. Faculty/Staff RESERVED parking - Annual $300.00
  6. Faculty/Staff Motorcycle - Annual $25.00
  7. Part-Time Faculty/Staff AT-LARGE - Annual $80.00
  8. Permit Replacement Fee - $10.00

C. Handicapped Qualifications and Rules

  1. Acceptable medical proof that the operator or regularly transported person (employee or student) is permanently or temporarily disabled must be presented for a Tarleton handicapped permit to be issued. This Department will accept a completed Application for Disabled Person Special Identifying Registration Insignia, issued by the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation or a doctor’s request as acceptable medical proof. This information will only be kept on file for 5 years. Fees will be the same as the appropriate employee or student fee. Persons may use the handicapped permit to park in the following areas:
    1. Handicapped
    2. All student zones
  2. All Disabled Veterans, Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, and former Prisoners of War who have registered their vehicles to obtain special license plates have the same parking privileges as persons in C.1 above.
  3. Temporary handicapped permits may be obtained from the University Parking Office by presenting acceptable medical proof indicating the nature and duration of the temporary disability.
  4. Every vehicle parked in a handicapped area or using a handicapped permit for parking must be operated by, or for the transportation of the handicapped person.

VI. Driving and Parking Violation Charges

  1. All parking fines must be paid within ten (10) business days of the citation date to avoid the assessment of a one time late penalty of $10.00 for each ticket.
  2. The University Parking Office is not responsible for a ticket being removed from a vehicle after said ticket has been placed on the vehicle by a Parking Office staff member.
  3. Overdue citations may subject the permit holder’s vehicle(s) to impoundment and removal of parking permit(s).All fines must be paid before vehicle is released.
  4. Anyone wishing to appeal a citation must do so online at within ten (10) business days of the date of the citation. [See Citation Appeal Procedure for complete information about the Appeals Process.] Upon review, you will receive a decision by email. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may request, in person or by phone, a hearing before the Parking Appeals Committee, whose decision is binding.
  5. Partial list of violations and fine amounts:
    1. Parking without a valid permit  $20.00
    2. Improper permit display  $20.00
    3. Parking in a reserved space  $30.00
    4. Parking in a wrong zone  $20.00
    5. Parking in a fire lane  $20.00
    6. Parking in a visitor space  $20.00
    7. Parking overtime in a time limit zone  $20.00
    8. Parking in a non designated area  $20.00
    9. Parking in a handicap space  $500.00
    10. Permit misuse  $60.00
      Examples: Placing an old citation or envelope on windshield to avoid receiving a citation; giving false information to the Parking Office (e.g., to obtain a permit); counterfeited permits; presenting a permit belonging to another as your own. The Director of University Police retains discretionary authority in determining violations of this nature.
    11. Impoundment  $70.00
    12. Moving Violations  $30.00
      1. Speeding
      2. Failure to yield right-of-way
      3. Failure to obey or avoiding a traffic control device
      4. Driving on sidewalks, walkways, or over curbs or lawns
      5. Driving while driver’s license is suspended
      6. Driving the wrong way on a one-way street
      7. Leaving the scene of an accident
      8. Disturbance with motor vehicle
      9. Exhibition of acceleration
      10. Littering
      11. Improper turns
      12. Displaying expired license plates or inspection sticker
      13. Failure to comply with any lawful order or direction of any University Police Officer
      14. Damaging University property
      15. Failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
      16. Failure of pedestrians to abide by rules governing pedestrians
      17. Violation of any other traffic regulation. It will be up to the Director of University Police to decide exactly what constitutes violations of this nature.


The term “Impoundment” includes immobilization, towing, removal, and storage of the vehicle in question.

  1. The University Parking Office Personnel or the University Police are authorized to impound unattended vehicles on the Tarleton campus and in public streets and cite persons meeting the following conditions:
    1. Having five (5) or more outstanding, unanswered, or unpaid citations
    2. Any unauthorized vehicle left in Visitor or Reserved Parking between 6:00am and 5:00pm WILL BE TOWED at OWNERS EXPENSE.
    3. Displaying a lost, stolen, or unauthorized parking permit
    4. Unauthorized vehicle parked in a reserved space
    5. Parked in a fire zone
    6. Illegally parked in a handicapped area or space
    7. Disregarding barricades, traffic cones, or other traffic control devices
    8. Parked on any lawn, sidewalk, or in any area that restricts pedestrian or vehicular traffic
    9. Parking on campus after driving privileges have been suspended
    10. Failing to display current valid license plates
    11. Blocking access to any building, loading zone, reserved area, barricaded area, or maintenance equipment
    12. Parking or storing a non-operating vehicle on campus
    13. Failing to obey the verbal order of a University or other Police Officer
    14. In circumstances not specifically enumerated where public safety is threatened by the presence of the vehicle
  2. Attempting to, or removal of an immobilizing device attached to a vehicle by the University Parking Office is a criminal offense; such persons will be guilty of a Class B Criminal Mischief or Theft, and will be subject to criminal and/or administrative sanctions. If immobilization device is damaged or lost due to removal, the individual will be charged with the replacement cost for the device.
  3. A vehicle receiving a wheel lock, will be removed and impounded at the owners expense if all parking fines are not paid within two weeks of receiving the wheel lock.

VIII.Suspension of Driving and/or Privileges

  1. The loss of the privilege of driving or parking a motor vehicle on campus shall commence ten (10) days after the University Parking Office mails a letter to the person, at the address of such person as shown in the driving or parking records of that office; the letter will state the term of the suspension and shall state the reason for the suspension. Persons who have parking privileges suspended shall lose the privilege of driving or parking on campus from three (3) to six (6) months. While a person’s privilege of driving or parking a vehicle on campus is suspended, it is unlawful:
    1. for that person to drive or park any motor vehicle on the campus and
    2. for any person to drive or park a vehicle registered in the name of such person on the campus.
  2. The University may prohibit a person from operating or parking a vehicle on campus if that person has received five (5) or more citations of a serious nature in an academic year.
  3.  Any person who has had his/her operating and parking privileges on campus suspended, and who continues to operate or park a vehicle on campus, is subject to having the vehicle impounded at the expense of the operator. He/she is further subject to disciplinary action by the University.
  4. Any person receiving notice that his/her privilege of driving or parking a vehicle on campus has been suspended may appeal the suspension to the Director of University Police within ten (10) working days on the grounds that the imposition of such suspension is improper or will create serious and substantial hardship. A reinstatement fee of $30.00 must accompany the request for reinstatement. This will be in addition to any other fees due to traffic violations.