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Faculty/Staff Parking Regulations

I. Permits and Fees

  1. A parking permit is required of all employees who park on Tarleton property.  New employees will be issued a permit upon payment of parking fees to the University Police Department located at 895 N Harbin Drive. Returning employees may purchase their permits online at
  2. First day of employment.  Parking permit fees are due and payable at the time of vehicle registration unless previous arrangements have been made with the Parking Office. 
  3. When both spouses are employed by the University, or if one spouse is a student, and they need to park two vehicles on campus on or about the same time, each spouse shall purchase their own individual permit. 
  4. If a Faculty/Staff member purchases a second permit for an additional vehicle, both vehicles cannot be parked on campus at the same time.
  5. Employees hired after the beginning of the fiscal year will be charged for the entire month in which their employment begins and for each full month remaining in the fiscal year pro rata. 
  6. Parking spaces are not transferable to any third party.  When an employee leaves the University, his/her parking space reverts to the Parking Division of the Police Department. Reserved parking spaces are not refundable. Employees may not sell or lease their space to anyone else.  Parking decals and proxy cards must be returned to the parking office.  You may be eligible for a partial refund of your permit.
  7. Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty/Staff fees are $80.00 per year for At-Large parking.
  8. Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty/Staff fees are $300.00 per year for RESERVED parking.

II. If Someone is in Your Reserved Space

  1. Park in Student Zone only.  NO PARKING IN VISITOR spaces.*
  2. Call the Parking Office at 968-9001 and report anyone parked illegally in your space:
    • We will ticket the vehicle in your space. We will not ticket your vehicle if you call. Move your vehicle back to your space as soon as it is open.
    • We cannot dismiss your ticket if you have not called in and reported someone in your parking space.

Do Not park in someone else’s reserved space arbitrarily if you do not know who it belongs to and whether or not they will be here that day. This could result in a ticket.

Do Not park behind the vehicle, blocking them in. This might cause your vehicle to be towed.

Do Not leave notes on vehicles illegally parked.  Allow the Parking Department to handle the situation.

Do Not park in Handicap. The Fine for this is $500.00. This is a State Law; not a Tarleton Rule.

III. If You Forget Your Parking Decal or Proxy Card

Forgotten Parking Decal or driving different vehicle call 968-9001. We will notify the ticket writers to not ticket your vehicle. If you do not call and you are issued a citation, we cannot dismiss it.

Forgotten Proxy Card or driving different vehicle call 968-9265 (Control) to open the gate arm for you. (All gated lots require proxy cards. You will be issued one at the time you receive your parking permit)

IV. Additional Information

  1. If an employee tells a student to park illegally, the citation will not be dismissed by this department. If a student worker parks illegally while running department errands, the citation cannot be dismissed.
  2. You cannot park in any Fire Lane for unloading purposes. You must use the building's Loading Area and obtain a proper Loading Zone permit from the Parking Office.
  3. When you are actually running errands for your department, you may park in any of the Student Zones or Timed spaces. NO Visitor Spaces. However, this rule may not be applied by employees to improve their daily parking, or for any other use or any other person. This rule specifically does not apply to Student Workers running Department errands.

* Employees are subject to rules found in General Parking Regulations.