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Hazing Resources

Report a hazing incident
  • What you should know about hazing
    • Hazing is a violation of Tarleton State University policy and Texas law.
    • Hazing takes various forms which include, but is not limited to, your typical physical or health risks, mental distress, and humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning treatment.
    • Hazing can cause significant harm to individuals, groups, and families as well to the University.
    • Hazing has occurred in not just Greek social groups, but also athletic teams, all bands, and other organizations.
    • Groups that haze often view it as positive and necessary to build bonds and camaraderie.
    • Groups that haze can achieve the positive outcomes they seek from hazing through non-hazing means. Alternatives to hazing to build fellowship or bonds include:
      • Ropes/Challenge course,
      • outdoor activities through Tarleton Outdoor Programs,
      • an improvement or philanthropic project on campus or in the local community,
      • use of the University's climbing wall,
      • a hands-on service project for the elderly, children, etc.,
      • leadership development workshop.