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What can I expect when I come in to the SCC for the first time?


During your first visit, you will be asked to complete our intake forms. It is important that you complete the paperwork as honestly and accurately as possible so that your counselor can determine which services are best suited to help.

Meeting with a counselor

The first interview will be with an intake counselor who will talk with you about your needs and the ways in which the Counseling Center might be able to help. Options may include: individual, couples or group counseling, or referral to another office or service provider better suited to your needs. It is possible that you will leave the intake appointment feeling able to handle things without additional counseling. Please note: your intake counselor may not be the counselor with whom you continue to meet.

Good to Know

The Texas Board of Examiners of Psychologists requires us to inform potential clients that, in addition to the gains and positive outcomes that are associated with counseling and therapy, some “side effects” are possible. Because counseling involves discussing issues that have or are presenting you with some difficulty, you may find:

  1. the energy it takes to focus on your issue(s) may make it harder to concentrate on other things as much as you’d like;
  2. emotions may be more available to you and you may feel moodier;
  3. you may see things in new or different ways and this may be confusing or difficult for a short time; and
  4. relationships may be affected as you examine interpersonal issues.


Information obtained during counseling or in written form through testing will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission. Legally, however, we are require to disclose information to:

  • protect you or someone else from imminent danger,
  • report suspected abuse of children, the elderly, or the disabled
  • report suspected sexual exploitation of a client by a therapist,
  • respond to a court subpoena.

All counselors at the Student Counseling Services are committed to the ethical standards of practice as set forth by the American Psychological Assoc., American Counseling Assn, and the State of Texas .


You can expect to be treated with respect by your counselor and the staff of the SCC. As much as possible, your appointments will begin and end on time. We will attempt to contact you if rescheduling is needed. You can expect your counselor’s full attention during sessions. You may ask questions regarding your counselor’s training and qualifications. You may ask about the counseling process, or any specific counseling strategies your counselor may suggest. You are encouraged to discuss your progress and review your goals with your counselor. If you feel that you are not making progress toward your goals, you should discuss this directly with your counselor. You have the right to terminate counseling at any time if you so desire, and to request referral to another counselor.