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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Professional Counselor?
Professional mental health counselors can come from many fields and can have a wide variety of credentials. This includes Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and many more. The list continues quite extensively and includes both generalists and specialists. For a current list of what kinds of counselors we have be sure to check out our contact page. It should be noted that not all kinds of counselors are licensed to prescribe medication.
Who can benefit from counseling?
Counseling is not just for those who suffer from serious psychological problems. All of us have times in our lives when we could benefit from talking with a caring professional about the things that hurt us, puzzle us or concern us; about old hurts that just won't go away; about how to get out of life what we really need and want. It's perfectly normal for any one of us to need assistance at times. It is also common that during adjustment to university, self-doubts may arise, or stress may temporarily get the best of you. This is where our counselors can be of assistance to you.
What concerns do students work on?

The range of concerns or presenting problems can be very diverse ranging from diagnosable mental disorders to stress management. Below are some examples:

  • Sadness or depressed feelings
  • Roommate troubles
  • Overwhelmed with academics and relationships
  • Recent romantic problems or a breakup
  • A pattern of picking the wrong man or woman to date
  • Homesickness or trouble fitting in at Tarleton
  • Missing friends and family too much or too often
  • Trouble sleeping too much or too little
  • Worrying too much or too often
  • Disordered eating habits or an eating disorder
  • Feeling isolated from or out of step with others
  • Anxious feelings especially generalized or out of control
  • Drinking too much or thinking about drinking too much
  • Sexual assault, date rape, sexual abuse issues
  • Domestic violence and violence against women
  • Need someone to help make an important decision
  • Meeting your own and your family's expectations
How much does it cost? Do I need insurance?
There is no charge for services at the SCC! The SCC is funded through your student services fees. As a result insurance is typically not a factor of concern. 
What should I expect the first time I come in?
  1. Paper Work
  2. Meeting with a counselor
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Respect

Click here for more information about what to expect.

Psychiatry and Medication
If your doctor or other health professional has recommended Psychiatry it may be good to get clarification on what services they are expecting. Some key terms to listen for are "psychiatric evaluation" or "medication management". These are typically performed by a Psychiatrist who is a specialist with a medical degree (MD) that is licensed to both diagnose mental disorders and prescribe medication as appropriate. Many people do not manage their mental health through medication while others find that medication -- often in combination with counseling -- is the most appropriate strategy to support their mental health. At this time the Student Counseling Services works with the Student Health Center to provide some limited medication but we do not have a psychiatrist on staff for more specialized treatment. If you are seeking full psychiatric evaluation for medication you may consult with us to find referrals to a community provider near you or through your insurance.