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Code of Conduct & Cancellation Procedures

The Career Services Code of Conduct & Procedures are provided as a basis for ethical conduct with the intention to protect you and employers. The reputations of the Career Services Center and Tarleton State University are at stake with employers when a student displays unprofessional behavior. This can also result in the loss of the recruiting opportunities for future students.  Please read the information within the link above for more details.

Resources, Services, and Events

  • Calendar of Events- check out upcoming events for this month and the rest of the semester on the University Events Calendar. Or you can view the printable version here.
  • Resources- internet job search engines, online resume tools, career exploration links, how to use LinkedIn and Twitter in your job search, and much, much more....
  • Services- resume assistance, business etiquette dinners, job fairs, mock interviews, career counseling, companies interviewing on-campus, and more...
  • Privacy Statement for Students

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EEOC Statement for Students

While the Career Services with Tarleton State University provides services to students and alumni, it is not responsible for any representations or guarantees with regard to job postings, nor is it responsible for wages, working conditions, safety, or other work-related issues that may arise after employment..

It is the student’s/alumni’s obligation to seek information and legal representation if they feel they are being discriminated against or mistreated in the workplace.

Tarleton State University- Career Services may decline to post any job ads for any employer that fails to abide by the rules and procedures, set forth in the Principles for Professional Practice (provided by NACE-National Association of Colleges and Employers) and to comply with applicable laws in its job postings.

"Employment professionals will maintain equal employment opportunity (EEO) compliance and follow affirmative action principles in recruiting activities in a manner that includes the following:"

  1. Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, and providing reasonable accommodations upon request;
  2. Reviewing selection criteria for adverse impact based upon the student's race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability;
  3. Avoiding use of questions that are considered unacceptable by EEO standards during the recruiting process;
  4. Developing a sensitivity to, and awareness of, cultural differences and the diversity of the work force;
  5. Informing campus constituencies of special activities that have been developed to achieve the employer's affirmative action goals;
  6. Investigating complaints forwarded by the career services office regarding EEO noncompliance and seeking resolution of such complaints.

User’s Guide to the Principles for Professional Practice”. National Association of Colleges and Employers