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To The Parents

Dear Tarleton Student Parent,

As you are well aware, we are very interested in making certain that your student is as prepared as possible for embarking on their collegiate experience.  It’s a huge step, and we want to provide all the support we can.

One aspect of that support is guiding them in making safe choices.  As young people on their own for the first time, our freshmen may find themselves in unfamiliar situations regarding very important choices about sex, drugs and alcohol.  We want them to know the facts and to be prepared as much as possible – to have a game plan and a compass for taking the directions they want, not making choices simply from peer pressure or perceived expectations.

While binge drinking makes the national news, the fact is that 70 percent of college students will have three or fewer drinks at a party.  While the increase in sexual assaults has prompted a White House initiative, students have opportunities to reduce the chances of that occurring.

Your student has just received an email prompting him or her to complete an online training program, Campus Clarity.  This national award-winning program provides information on sex, drugs and alcohol.  Many students choose not to engage in any activities involving sex, drugs and alcohol.  For those who do, this training provides information to enable them to remain as healthy and safe as possible.

An additional benefit is that those who abstain from these activities learn how to help keep their friends safe.  Active bystander intervention is critical in addressing sexual assault on campuses nationally, and this type of training is recommended by experts, including the White House Task Force.

The program provides information on how to build and maintain healthy relationships and how to respond to the threat or actuality of sexual assault, including making a report.  The program provides information on how alcohol and drugs may reduce inhibitions and lead to a greater likelihood of sexual activity or even life-threatening actions.  It also provides information on how to avoid the sense of peer pressure that often leads to choices a student later regrets.  This is an educational program that deals frankly with the issues and choices that college students encounter.  We know they will benefit from completing this online program.

We wanted you to be aware of this program in the event that your student wishes to discuss any aspects of it with you.  We encourage you to be aware of these issues and to provide whatever guidance you may feel is appropriate for your student.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Dr. Brenda Faulkner at 254-968-9044.