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Success Stories

Narcotics/Stolen Property Investigation

A deputy sheriff who worked at a participating agency used a LEAP inquiry to obtain a suspect's positive identifying information during an investigation of narcotics trafficking and stolen property. "...the information I obtained through the LEAP program has been extremely helpful."

Narcotics/Arson Conviction

While viewing LEAP's search function, the chief of a participating rural police department noticed the name of a person with whom he was familiar. “We had been working some cases with him but he had a good alibi. We contacted a department that we noticed was having some dealings with him also, and after talking with them we could prove that some of his timeline from friends in his alibi was off.”

The “friends” named in the suspect’s alibi were interviewed. They were told that another law enforcement agency was “looking at” this suspect and others for offenses that occurred in that agency’s jurisdiction during the same time period. The “friends” were told that the investigating department was going to give their names to the other agency because they had to be involved if they and the suspect were together. Suddenly the “friends” stated that they may have been wrong about the day and times that they were in the city in question, but they were sure that they were not involved in the other activities. This left the suspect with a weak alibi.

In addition to his suspected involvement in the narcotics investigation, the suspect had lost his vehicle in a divorce suit. It was found in the county, burned, the next day. The person became the prime suspect in this Arson case. After an agreement through the District Attorney’s office, he was sentenced to four years in the state penitentiary.

Gang Member Arrests

A criminal street gang limited their activities to City A for a year. City B had experienced a significant increase in gang activity. Several crimes with gang-related characteristics in City B were unsolved.

A LEAP database search of gang activity plotted multiple gang incidents in City B and revealed an aggravated assault incident in that city that was committed by a known member of City A's gang. The incident occurred in an apartment complex where auto thefts were also committed. Review of the incident record revealed over fifteen offense report narratives. City B officers previously interviewed more than twenty witnesses to the crime, but had been unable to discover any suspects or persons of interest in this case.

City B investigators performed a LEAP link analysis of the aggravated assault gang incident. The link analysis allowed City B's criminal investigation division to view the relationships of those involved with known associates, and with other known incidents.

The link chart revealed that at least one 'Witness' in City B was actually involved in other incidents in City A. Investigators in City B immediately began conversations with City A officers who had previously been involved with arrest of individuals involved in City B’s incident. The information obtained and resulting collaboration between the two agencies enabled them to solve several cases.

Two agencies in different counties, without prior reasons for communication were lead into direct conversation with each other, resulting in the solution of crimes and reduction of gang activities in both cities.

Narcotics & Weapons Arrests/Seizure of Contraband

Police department officers received information regarding an active "dope house". A patrol officer conducted a traffic stop and utilized the in-car computer system provided by Tarleton's Rural Law Enforcement Initiative to check a person of interest. The subject was driving with an invalid license (DWLI) and was taken into custody. During the arrest, officers discovered a switchblade knife and some "ice" methamphetamine. The arrest was made without utilizing the vehicle's radio for the subject's driver license check, which allowed the department to investigate in a more secure manner than was previously possible. A narcotics search warrant was subsequently issued for a residence outside of the city. Officers of that police department, two sheriff’s departments, one state and one federal agency served the search warrant.

Approximately 29 grams of "ice" methamphetamine, packaged and ready for sale, was seized during service of the search warrant, along with approximately 35 firearms including handguns and rifles, and numerous knife and sword type weapons. At least one of the firearms was identified as a stolen weapon by an area police department. A prohibited weapon/short barreled firearm (sawed-off shotgun) was also seized, along with contraband described as proceeds in accordance with Chapter 59, Texas Code of Criminal Procedures: (2) vehicles, (1) 4-wheeler, and other property. A female suspect was arrested at the residence. Drug offense related warrants were issued for additional suspects.