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This is the ninth year that we've published Anthology. We learn new things every year, but it always comes down to one simple fact: the book that you're holding in your hand would never be without the generous support, dedication, and determination of people who, like we, believe in the value of artistic endeavors. By promoting our students' works, we're celebrating creativity and imagination and freedom of expression. Novelist Henry Miller said, "Art is only a means to life, to the life more abundant." Heartfelt thanks to the following people who, by a variety of means, contributed to the cause.

  • Allied Body Frame & Co. (Editors' Choice Award Sponsor)
  • Jimmie Knovicka
  • Charlie, Marlow, & Chaz Robitaille
  • Our Anthology editors
  • Justin Calaham
  • Nick Lilly
  • Nancy Pricer
  • Bill Ware
  • Sharon Seelig
  • Mallory Young
  • Mary Etzel
  • Mary Griggs
  • Don Zelman
  • Gary Peer
  • Koy Floyd and the Instructional Advancement Staff
  • President Dennis McCabe
Benedda Konvicka
Marilyn Robitaille

Publication Directors