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Waiting at Avalon

Ileana Zea


When velvet clouds drizzle down
and caramelized sugar fairies fly forth
from the lips of frost bitten gods
My vision is magnified ten thousand fold
as the most minute of powdered sugar flakes
waft downward from spritan fingertips

The scent of Eden brings to my soul
the hint of blazing new dawns
All past thought, all willow and birch
fall from my body
Silently submitting to empty waves of time

Sift me into homeland mulch
Conceal my eyes with forgotten tomorrows
and tie the hollows of my lungs
with the green blush of holly,

For today never came as you promised it would
and I wonder if yesterday took place at all

Sometimes I wait here, on the brink of Avalon—
swinging my feet, and searching the horizon
for velvet clouds to drizzle down