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Max's Epiphanes

Max Wolf


“There is a little bit of those you knew in those
you know.”

“There are few people born to acts of violence. More often than not, the person labeled ‘violent’ or ‘psychopath’ is an everyday, average citizen like you and me who has been pushed too far by ***holes.”

“It’s a going to be a great world
to live in when people can depend
on the honor of others.”

“There is no sound louder, more penetrating, and in some cases, more abusive, than that of silence.”

My ironical insight:
“Not only has Man always been impressed by His own cleverness, everything that there is, He seeks to put under His control: the land, the water, the air—even other people! But look you into the eyes of a predatory animal in the wilderness. The intellect, the sheer morbid cunning that you’ll see in those eyes speaks volumes about life free from Mankind’s rule,………….…. yet Man is the only animal without freedom!”