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[With the ebb and flow of humanity]

Sherrie Wise


With the ebb and flow of humanity
and faith, comes the wait and the running.
The Jonah-inspired cry and flee-
the strides and wails that we scream,
It is the ebb of selfishness,
and the flow of forgiveness
That leaves us in the pits,
the bottoms
the ends to which we seek.

“You never left me,” and “Your grace has saved me.”
we sing in praise.
For our father, we see,
didn’t chase us with clenched fists
and forgotten grace.
But with hope in His eyes and upon His face
did He lift us up
and lay down His crown,
the moments in which we found ourselves no further moving down.

It is the difference in darkness.
It is the golden sun.
It is in His grip,
and in freedom,
The message from our heart
that has only begun.
The steps ahead to which we take
from the depths and mud
Are up and down,
Loud and soft.
Blue and Green.

Until “how far our journey
has now become
The song we mourn in the darkness
and sing at dawn.

Voices raised with a clean face,
Where has our Lord gone?
How high we fly and soar above
all that we fear,
the shadows,
the mud.

Our ‘treasures in heaven’ we mark and applaud
and cry for our failures,
our lackings from God.
It is for the very gold of the sun
that up we reach,
And the beauty down below that
we’re too frightened to be.

Humbled before no man,
we have found
our God has left us His very crown.
And some day, we say,
we’ll place it at His feet,
In hopes that next to Him,
we’ll take our seat.

Where has our Lord gone?
Where has He gone and left us to be?
Down below,
in the depths,
washing our feet.
Sharing no glory, no holiness
for us to take,
But a message of Love, Forgiveness, and Faith.