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The Loyal Adventurer: A Response to Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “Ulysses”

Tad Oates


Why is it that we do this?
Loyalty to a man the same as I.
Does his blood not boil when man does not strive for more
Just as mine?
Does his heart not race with each wave that boards the vessel
Just as mine?
We will sail again. We will venture out again;
Danger at our sails, at our bow, dangers unseen.
Why would one risk his life at the demand of another?
Are his words stronger than mine?
The toil we have seen;
Men have been and men have gone.
I will not abandon now.
Many challenges we have conquered,
The many seas –the mutinies,
All we have seen before.
Only death will take me from his side.
Why do I place my life in the balance of his next whim?
Because he is Ulysses.