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Heath Kelly


the fear of life being so inescapable often
reminds the body that life desperately needs a way out of this utter chaos it has been thrown into. no self-deserving nor self-respecting person would ever allow such torture continue when the torture is self-inflicting. the undeniable truth
that when life looks into our eyes and forces us into believing that tomorrow will be better
only allows us to put forth the effort into making it to the next day thus in turn, breathing.

and does this breathing reveal the key to what lies behind the door, through the hall, and into the
murky room where life shows its face and we must show our own ensuring that our safety will be allowed for a moment longer with the bowing of our head while in disbelief of all that is real and kind. no longer can the true kindness be found but in
no other than a child.

a child who is
pure from
society’s evil
that has trades of all kind.

only the laughter of a child can be

heard in the night when the shrieks of tears form in the curvatures of eyes and the noises from deep inside arise in such a way that it is so inaudible that deafens a sick man. while the laughter grows by the moment, a stripping away of all dignity and self-pity is unleashed from within only to show how life really is.

the thought of living in a
world where only orders are
obeyed and carried out by
those who forget to give orders only to allow more hurt and pain.

and while the pain increases and grows into what no man can bear, the crying at night and hiding from the

world what no one ever shall know erupts until all is




the outreach of searching for what life
holds is hidden in one of the two palms, both of which are filled with the sea of


while lacking everything that enforces life’s structure and creates static inside our

plan in our journey affecting our external outcome.

thus creating a reason to find a hand that reaches out to us instead of one

that creates havoc for all that is


the severity of our pressures and wants stem from desires that we have imposed and self-implied that we
cannot live without because we search.

the question is not what we desire but

why do we search, the only logical answer to which is

conceivable, yet while we search for our wants, we also search for the

answer to life’s question.

the unremarkable dream of only finding

that perfect someone in life to help pass the time while the insides fall apart
is all that allows us to go day to day for no one can go through this life alone.
bye being alone also comes with this silence. so are we thrown into life truly not knowing what it is we want and desire.

has life not given us a fair chance of showing what is at one end of the spectrum while denying what lies
at the other. or have we denied ourselves our god given right into believing
this is as good as it gets. however far fetched these dreams may be, only pure perseverance and determination will make the cries,

laughter, undeniable self-pity and self-worth become worthwhile.

yet still, are we truly satisfied?