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Submissions by Genre


Carp on the Run (photo) by Jeff Stockford, 1996

Cork Sculpture (photo) by Holly Miller, 1996

Drapery (pencil drawing) by Sherry Hagood, 1996

Egypt (oil on canvas) by Carol Wilson, 1996

Flashbacks of War (white pencil on black board) by Amber Spain, 1996

Front Porch View (pencil drawing) by Amber Spain, 1996

Hall of Presidents (oil on canvas) by Robert Benton, 1996

The Dig (sculpture) by Diana Synatzke, 1996


[In Pursuit of Fun] by Brock Miller, 1996

[Nightmare Race-Car Man] by Brock Miller, 1996

[Poems are Omnipotent] by Christensen Low, 1996

[There my heart lies] by Christensen Low, 1996

[The World Is] by Brock Miller, 1996

Autumn by Brock Miller, 1996

Bird by Hank Jones, 1996

Child Inside by Crystal Sparger, 1996

Enough by M. S. Hawkins, 1996

Farmboy Sleeps by Brock Miller, 1996

Flies by Hank Jones, 1996

Forever Peaceful by Christie L. Kuehl, 1996

Geese by Brian Whitt, 1996

Ingenue by Kevin Clay, 1996

Mendel's Revenge by Misty Norman, 1996

Morning by Brock Miller, 1996

Mother Had an Orange Cat by Steve Kowis, 1996

Nanny by Brandy Bumpus, 1996

Our Apple Pie by Jimmy Clark, 1996

Politics by M. S. Hawkins, 1996

Pricked by M. S. Hawkins, 1996

Prufrock's Answer by Hank Jones, 1996

Restless by Christie L. Kuehl, 1996

significance of i by Vincent C. Gilbert, 1996

Size One by Leslie A. Averett, 1996

Sober Judgement by Christensen Low, 1996

Sporadic by Hank Jones, 1996

The Acolytes of Hippocrates by Brian Whitt, 1996

The Clay Man by Steve Kowis, 1996

The Drill Sergeant by Leslie A. Averett, 1996

The Drive by Brandy Bumpus, 1996

The Last Cry by Roderick Richardson, 1996

The Morning After by Kristy Rosen, 1996

The Perfect Sister by Ashlee Thigpen, 1996

To Our Coy Colleague by Kevin Stahnke, 1996

War by Brian Whitt, 1996

War Falls in Places by Roderick Richardson, 1996

Werewolves by Christensen Low, 1996


A Kitten by Kevin Clay, 1996

As He Watched by Misty Norman, 1996

Brenda by Todd M. Doray, 1996

Dear Professor by Michael Archer-Pauchet, 1996

Divorce of the Lamb by Ashlee Thigpen, 1996

El Halc√≥n (The Hawk) by John P. Kribbs, 1996

Juanito and the Blanket by Cipriano H. Rivera, 1996

Just a Little Something by Don Edgemon, 1996

Mud-Dauber Auction by Eric Lyke, 1996

Sister by Kevin Clay, 1996

The Dream by Devin D. Maness, 1996

Today's the Day by Don Edgemon, 1996

Train of Dreams by J. Ann Davenport, 1996

While Waiting for the Rinse Cycle by Jennifer Vickers, 1996