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Stock Horse Membership

Stock horse team logo


The Tarleton Stock Horse Team strives to provide an organization for horse oriented students to improve their horsemanship skills, training abilities, and showmanship through educational clinics, practice sessions, and participation in the Stock Horse of Texas and Intercollegiate Stock Horse Competitions. We hope to provide all of our members the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and horsemanship abilities. As well as, encouraging the improvement of scholarship while abiding to the Tarleton State core values. 


Membership is open to any undergraduate, graduate, alumni, or faculty in good standing at Tarleton State University who pays membership dues as set forth by the club and agrees to uphold the constitution and purposes of the club. 

In order to participate as a member of the Stock Horse Team, students must meet the following:

  1. Be an active member in TSU Horsemen's Association
    1.  pay all dues and fees
    2. attend all meetings, workdays, special events
  1. Attend all scheduled practices
    1.  excused absences require written request approved by an officer or faculty advisor 
  2.  Must recognize that student is representing Tarleton State University and the Equine Science Program
    1. Appropriate behavior is expected
    2. Membership is a privilege, not a right


  1. The opportunity to improve horsemanship skills, training abilities, and showmanship skills
  2. Apparel identifying student as representative of TSU
  3. Opportunity to meet leaders in the horse industry which may lead to employment after graduation
  4. Monetary assistance with show expenses, including travel, meals, and lodging