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Team Description

Chair: Dean Rusty Jergins (also Chair of the Emergency Management Response Team)

Given the diversity of university staff/faculty representation in the Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT), and the familiarity of EMRT members with the assessment of critical situations, it was decided that members of the existing EMRT serve as the Assessment Response Team (ART). To accommodate the needs of this new charge, ART will meet weekly, regardless of whether referrals have been received through the website portal. This will assure discussion of referrals that may come from varied sources. On a case by case basis, ad hoc members will be contacted when it would be beneficial to the committee’s deliberations. For example, the Director of Residential Living and Learning may be invited to attend a meeting if the situation involves a student in one of the residence halls.

If any situation is deemed an emergency, call 911.

Team Members
Name Department Phone 968-
Darla Doty, Chair Interim Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students 9081
Annette Albrecht Professor of Psychology & Counseling 9946
Al Allcon Interim Director of University Police 9458
Angie Brown Assistant Vice President for Employee Services 9128
Trina Geye Director of Student Disability Services 9400
Janice Horak Assistant Vice President for Advancement and External Relations 9271
Stephanie Robertson Director of Student Counseling Services 9044
Dwayne Snider Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
Joe Standridge Associate Vice President for Physical Facilities 9065
Kent Styron Director of Risk Management & Compliance 9898
Jamie Trusner Manager of Information Technology Services - Network & Communications 9900