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Distinguished Staff 2016 Award recipient Vickie Swam

Distinguished Staff 2016 Award Recipient

Vickie Swam

Vickie Swam holds both a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Tarleton State University. She began her career at Tarleton in April 1986 as an administrative services coordinator in the College of Arts and Sciences. In 1999, Vickie transferred to Tarleton State University-Central Texas (now Texas A&M University-Central Texas) in Killeen to serve as Executive Director Dr. Lamar Johanson’s “right hand.” Vickie continued to work at Central Texas as the graduate admissions coordinator after Dr. Johanson retired. She returned to the Stephenville main campus in 2000 to serve as Assistant to the President for Presidents Dennis McCabe and F. Dominic Dottavio. Vickie was promoted in 2011 to Director of University Compliance in the Finance and Administration division and served in that position until she retired in March 2015.

Dr. Johanson described Vickie as, “always very professional, knowledgeable and organized with an outstanding work ethic and people skills. She was loyal to Tarleton and her colleagues in every respect. She has great patience and tolerance, thus Vickie Swam is one of those individuals who rarely comes along.” Vickie exceeded her normal duties by volunteering for numerous committees, attending Texan and TexAnn sporting events across the country and by demonstrating Tarleton’s core values in all aspects of her professional life Tarleton Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach Lonn Reisman described Vickie as a, “prime example of someone who Bleeds Purple. Many fans have seen Vickie in the bleachers with her white megaphone cheering on the Texans and TexAnns.” She is also a staunch supporter of the Tarleton choir and band concerts and theater productions.