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Procurement & Contracts

Purchasing, Central Receiving and HUB Program

Mission Statement

Procurement & Contracts, which includes the areas of purchasing, central services and HUB program, is dedicated to providing effective and efficient business processes to the faculty, staff, students and vendors of the university. This will be achieved by providing or facilitating programs that enhance the quality and effectiveness of these areas in order to support the mission and goals of the University and the division of Finance & Administration while maintaining the highest level of customer service, ethics and integrity.


NEW Mobile Application

AggieBuy (JAGGAER) has an excellent mobile app that can be installed to shop, submit requisitions, view action items/notification and approve documents from any mobile device. Please see the attached quick reference guide on how to install the JAGGAER app and then activate the app through your profile in AggieBuy.

Please let us know if you have any questions about AggieBuy at  If you have any issues setting a password for the mobile app during the activation please contact Access and Security at 979-458-5555.

End of Fiscal Year Procurement Deadlines

The University generates a large volume of requisitions at year-end or new year-end resulting from both the need to complete expenditures within FY 2018 as well as the need to request FY 2019 funded purchases.  This large volume of requisitions jeopardizes our ability to meet your needs.  We are therefore requesting your assistance and the following information is provided:

  1. Purchasing authority for procurement of allowable goods up to $5,000 is delegated to departments. Additionally, we have a number of A&M System-Wide, State and Cooperative Contracts available for use to expedite the procurement of goods. For information regarding these contracts please contact our department.  Procurements with the potential to exceed $5,000 must not be divided into smaller purchases to meet your delegation dollar limit set forth by Tarleton.
  2. Deadlines for receipt of requisitions by Procurements & Contracts that are estimated to exceed $5,000.00 are listed below. Requisitions received after these deadlines will be rejected and must be resubmitted on FY 2019 funds.

NOTE:  the date the requisition is required is the date that it reaches Procurement & Contracts.  You should allow for lead time on any approvals required on the requisition.

Goods/Services Requisition Type Date Requisition Required
$25,000 or more & not on A&M/State/Cooperative Contract (these items require formal bidding) July 30, 2018
>$5,000 but <$25,000 & not on A&M, State, Cooperative Contract (these items must be informally bid) August 3, 2018
>$5,000 & on A&M/State/Cooperative Contract or Service Agreement August 10, 2018

Please also note that all consumable items must be received and paid for prior to August 31, 2018. It will be your responsibility when placing the order to make sure the consumable merchandise will be received prior to August 31, 2018. This includes consumable items purchased with the procurement card.

The following definitions are provided for your convenience:

Consumable – items with life expectancy less than 1 year.  These items must be received and invoiced for prior to July 31, 2018.

Non-consumable – more commonly referred to as permanent equipment. Items with a life expectancy of more than 1 year.  These items must be ordered prior to August 10, 2018. 

Contact Info

(254) 968-9611

Fax: (254) 968-9838

Location: 201 N. Saint Felix St.

Mailing Address:
Box T-0600
Stephenville, TX 76402

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