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How to find a HUB vendor

1. Login to Buy A&M through Single Sign On

  • This will be the first option in the SSO Menu

2. Once logged in, go to Vendor Search

  • This is located on the Buy A&M homepage, in the Vendors dropdown menu.

3. Search vendors by their NIGP code or keywords

  • These options will be available when you select Vendor Lookup.

4. For HUB Status, scroll down to the CMBL/HUB Status section

  • Here you will select HUB on CMBL
  • For a HUB Vendor in our area, select DISTRICT 02

5. Once you have made all of your selections, click "Find It"

  • Use the Vendor ID listed in your search results when creating your requisition

View our printable Vendor Search instructions.

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