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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I pick up my paycheck and/or earnings statement?
Paychecks are generally distributed within the department where the employee/student is employed.
How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
Fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, attach a voided original check, and return the form to the Payroll Office. Direct deposit will occur when the next payroll is processed. (There may be a delay of one pay period if the direct deposit form was received after payroll processed but before the next payday.)
It's payday and my Direct Deposit has not shown up in my account balance. What's wrong?
If the Direct Deposit was set up before payroll processed, the deposit should be added to your account on payday. The time the bank credits the deposit varies according to their practices. It may be early or late in the day. Also, the balance given to you on the telephone or at an ATM may not be the most current information. If payday falls on a holiday, the credit to your account may be made on the next working day. Call your bank for details.
Why isn't Social Security tax being taken from my paycheck?
TSU students who work on campus may be eligible for an exemption from Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) taxes on wages earned after June 30, 2000. (Student Fica Exemption)
I'm a student worker enrolled for six hours or more but Social Security taxes are still being deducted from my paycheck. Why don't I receive the FICA exemption I'm eligible for?
In order to receive the exemption, the identifying number students are enrolled under in the Registrar's Office must match the Social Security Number on file in the Employee Services & Payroll offices. Non-resident alien students sometimes enroll under a temporary number that does not match the Social Security number on their hiring paperwork. As soon as a Social Security Number has been received, these students must provide a copy of the card to the Registrar's Office and ask that their enrollment records be updated to include the SSN. They may also need to notify the Payroll Office that their enrollment information has been changed so the tax exemption status can be included with the next payroll processed.
Why isn't Federal Income Tax (FIT) being withheld from my paycheck?
Federal income tax deductions are based on each individual W-4 information. W-4 forms are available in the Employee Services Office for employees who wish to adjust federal income taxes withheld.
I filled out my W-4 form with an additional amount deducted for Federal Income Tax (FIT). I'm a monthly paid employee who sometimes receives additional pay on a biweekly payroll. Why does the additional amount come out of both the monthly check and the biweekly check?
The IRS requires the additional amount to be deducted from every paycheck processed by the employer. The W-4 form clearly states "Additional amount, if any, you wish withheld from each paycheck."
When will I receive my W-2?
If you registered to receive your W-2 form electronically, you will receive an email no later than January 31st of each year that it is available in TarletonConnect.
If you did not register to receive your W-2 electronically, you will receive a printed form. Printed W-2s for current employees are distributed to the employing department (the same department checks are distributed to). W-2s for terminated employees are mailed to the address on record in Employee Services. Printed W-2s will not be uploaded into TarletonConnect until mid-February.
I lost my printed W-2. How can I receive another copy?
Upon availability, Tarleton employees will be able to access and print W-2 forms through TarletonConnect, which can be accessed thru Single Sign On (SSO).
  1. Log-in with your UIN and Password.
  2. Choose "TarletonCONNECT" from the SSO Menu.
  3. Select the "Payroll Data" on the TarletonConnect screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom half of the page and choose "Show W2 Form"--click the drop-down menu to check for multiple W2s.

If you experience difficulty logging into SSO, follow the on-screen help. In some cases, your password must be reset outside the TarletonConnect help feature. If this is required, contact the Employee Services department to have your password reset.

If you are a former employee, you should be able to access TarletonConnect for approximately 18 months after your termination date.

Can I pick up a copy of my W-2 at the Payroll Office?
The Payroll Office does not receive a copy of printed W-2 forms.
I changed my mailing address at the Registrar's Office. Why did my W-2 get mailed to the old address?
The Registrar's Office enrollment information does not interface with employee records in the Employee Services Office. In order for the W-2 to be mailed to the current address, you must also change your address with Employee Services.
Where should employment verifications be directed to?
Usually, employment verifications should be directed to the Payroll Office.
Can I be paid for overtime worked?
Exempt employees aren't paid overtime. Non-exempt employees can be, provided the overtime was approved in advance of being worked through the department's chain-of-command thru the Vice President (or Executive Director for TIAER). The hours are turned in on a timesheet which includes the total hours worked during the week, as well as any sick/annual/comp. time/holiday hours. Overtime is paid at 1 1/2 times the hourly pay rate for the hours worked that week that exceed 40. If some type of leave occurred during the week and hours worked does not equal 40, time is paid at the regular hourly rate. If the department does not choose to pay eligible employees for overtime, the hours are banked as compensatory time via the Employee Leave Form turned in to the Human Resources Office at the end of each month. (The official workweek for budgeted employees is Monday through Sunday.)
Do students and/or non-budgeted hourly employees have to fill out timesheets?
Yes! Timesheets must be maintained for all students and non-budgeted hourly employees and are permanent records of employment. Completed timesheets are signed by the employee and the supervisor/department head prior to the hours being transferred to the Hourly Payroll Preparation Report that is turned in to the Payroll Office for each biweekly payroll.
What happens to the timesheets after an hourly employee terminates?
Timesheets are sent to Employee Services along with the Personnel Action Form processing the termination.
I received a gift certificate/award from my department. Why was my paycheck taxed for the amount of the certificate/award?
As per Internal Revenue Service regulations and as stated in The Texas A&M University System Policy 31.01.99.M0.01, gift certificates and other cash equivalents are taxable regardless of value. In addition, some non-cash awards, gifts, or plaques received by employees, depending on value, may also be taxable. Departments providing 'de minimus' fringe benefits should be aware that the employees are subject to being taxed for these items.
What do I do with unclaimed payroll checks?
If the department is unsuccessful in distributing a payroll check by the following biweekly payday, the paycheck should be returned to the Payroll Office.
I receive a monthly communication allowance for my cell phone. I've changed jobs, but still work for the same department. Why didn't I receive my allowance this month?
The communication allowances are approved based on departmental need and the role of the employee within the department. The approval form authorized by the department head is for a particular position; when an employee changes to a different position, the allowance is automatically canceled, (although the payroll office also asks the department to submit a cancellation form).
If the department intends for the employee to continue to receive an allowance, a new authorization form must be submitted indicating the change. The change form must specify the employee's new position (pin number), the paying account for the allowance (which may be funded differently),, and the amount of the monthly allowance (which may increase or decrease depending on the employee's new role).