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Driver Safety Training

Driver Safety Training (DST) is required for anyone who will be involved in the transport of students in accordance with Tarleton Rule 13.04.99.T1, Student Travel and System Regulation 13.04, Student Travel. The Driver Safety Training may be required by your supervision to help ensure the safe operation of University vehicles. Even if you are not required to take this course, you are welcome to complete it for your personal safety.

This is an online course accessed through the link below. The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and includes video and audio in certain portions of the course. Speakers or headphones will be required to complete the course.

Please Note: This program does not automatically post the results to the email on Windows 10. Please copy and paste the course completion test results from the Print Results screen and forward it to

Driver Safety Training

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Student Travel Related Information

Student safety is a top priority for Tarleton State University. Tarleton's commitment to providing its students a safe university experience reaches beyond the confines of our campuses or off-campus locations. It extends into every university-sanctioned trip our students take.

In addition to Driver Safety Training, Student Travel also require completion of the following forms for travel that meets the requirements of Tarleton's Student Travel rule and procedure.

Rule No. 13.04.99.T1 Student Travel

See Student Travel for required forms.

To determine if a person is eligible to drive in accordance with the Student Travel procedure, click on the following link to search the Approved Driver Database:

Tarleton State University Online Student Travel Database