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Get Started Hiring Your Student Employee

Hiring Managers:

  1. Complete the INITIATE TO HIRE packet and return it to Employee Services.
  2. Print the Student Employment Packet.
  3. Have the student employee complete the Student Employment packet and bring it with them to New Student Employee Orientation.

Employee Services:

  1. Upon receipt of the completed "Initiate To Hire" packet, from Hiring Manager, Employee Services will run and clear the background check.
  2. Upon successful completion of background check, Employee Services will email an invitation and detail about New Student Employee Orientation, to the student and their supervisor.
  3. Upon successful completion of New Student Employee Orientation, Employee Services will email confirmation of attendance to the student and their supervisor, along with the following information:

- Employee UIN

- Start Date

- Request to submit EPA

New Student Employee Orientation

Orientation for each student employee takes about 15 minutes.

It is important that New Student Employees arrive with ALL paperwork complete.



Department of Employee Services

Admin Annex I (next to Math and Education buildings)

Employee Services Conference Room

(254) 968-9128

Day & Time:

Tuesdays, beginning @ 2pm*

Fridays, beginning @ 9am*

*Orientation sessions last as long as necessary, to ensure all those in attendance are processed. A typical session lasts an hour and a half.


Feel free to contact Employee Services with any questions regarding the Student Employee hiring process, at (254) 968-9128.