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Travel Credit Cards

Individual Employee Travel Cards (Individual Liability)

IBT Card - Individually Billed Travel Card - This card is used by employees of Tarleton State University for their individual university travel expenses.  The card is individual liability, so the employee would make payment to Citibank (out of pocket) and then file an expense report in Concur/eTravel for reimbursement.  The issuance of this card is based on your personal credit and is determined by Citibank.

How to obtain an IBT card?  
Please contact Ashley Starnes by email to request the card.  Frances will then send you a link to Citibank, an ID and Password to apply for the card.

What happens if I do not qualify for an IBT card?
If you do not qualify for the IBT card, you will then qualify for a university liability card (DART) for travel.  You must apply for the IBT card first.

Citibank/State of Texas Guidelines for IBT cards


Individual Employee Travel Cards (University Liability)

DART Card for Individual Employee Travel - If you do not qualify for the IBT card, you will qualify for the DART Card for individual travel.  The DART card is issued per trip and forms must be completed and submitted to the credit card office for each card.  This card is university liability and you will not be responsible for making payment to Citibank each month for your charges.  The card can be used for all allowable employee travel expenses (please make yourself familiar with travel guidelines).  The Travel Card Application must be submitted at least 3 weeks before each trip.  Cards will not be ordered for employees without the proper forms being submitted to the Credit Card Specialist.  All employees qualify for this card if they are declined for an IBT, and issuance is not based on your personal credit history.

Travel Card Application (must be completed, signed and submitted to Business Services 3 weeks prior to trip)

Expense Report - Why must I file an expense report in Concur/eTravel?
All charges you make on the card will feed into your Concur/eTravel profile and must be submitted on an expense report in order to charge your departmental account.  The charges will be located in the "Available Charges" section under the "My Concur" tab.  The charges will need to be imported into the expense report and invoices/receipts are required for all charges (including meals).  Inappropriate charges to the DART card (non-travel or non-reimbursable charges) must be paid back to the university by making a deposit to the paying account in the cashier's office.  Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in non-issuance of a DART card.

eTravel Expense Report Instructions

Citibank/State of Texas Travel Card Guidelines