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Wyoming 2010

Casper WY

Overlooking Casper Wyoming

Casper College Science Building

Casper College Physical Science Building

Brett Hokr and Britt Long

Brett Hokr and Britt Long

Foucault Pendulum

Casper College's Foucault Pendulum

Physics Talk

Physics Talk at Casper 


Britt Long During a Break


Evening Picnic  

Marlan Scully

Marlan Scully Teaching Physics During the Picnic

 Talking Physics

Talking Physics During the Picnic

Dudley Herschbach

Nobel Prize Winner Dudley Herschback at Herschfest. A town fest Was Also Held To Honor Nobel Prize Winner Chalie Townes

 Hoback WY

Hoback, WY On Way To Jackson

Grand Teton National Park

Scene From Grand Teton National Park 

 Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park

Mt Moreau

Mt. Moreau in Grand Teton National Park 


Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Hot Pool

Hot Pool in Yellowstone


Moose in Gran Teton National Park

Horseback Riding

Texas A&M Graduate student riding one of the horses at a ranch just outside of Casper

Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota

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SPS Meetings

  • 2/21, 3/5, 3/21, 4/2, 4/18, and 5/6

Star Parties

  • Spring: April 5 @ 9 PM 



  • Spring: No Dates Have Been Set