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Items Needed for Application

Step 1: Due by 3/18/2016

1. Intent to Participate Form

2. Photo/Video Release Form

3. Information Waiver Form

Forms should be downloaded, completed, printed, signed, and returned in hard copy in form in person to Melissa Brown in the Lamar Johanson Science Building, room 203.

Letter of Evaluation/Recommendation Request Form: Medical and dental school applicants should download and complete 3-5 of these forms to deliver to individuals they have requested to provide recommendations as soon as possible.

Step 2: Due by 4/1/2016

1. Biography

2. Request to Schedule Interviews

Along with these downloadable forms, your completed HPAC packet will also include the photograph, transcripts from all schools attended, admission exam scores, personal statement, and any directions for applying out of state. Please see HPAC guide for details.