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What is a Nursing Futurity?


Many individuals in our local equestrian culture will associate the term Futurity with professional sporting events that demonstrate to the world the products or deliverables in terms of the finest horses in a variety of categories; halter, cutting, and reigning for example.

People come from all over to watch as the Champions and Grand Champions of these events gain their rightful status through many hours, months and even years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears of applied groundwork and time with their trainers. Beyond this, many of these events showcase individuals that were chosen for their Futurities before they were even born.

In its purest sense the term Futurity simply means "the future"...our future.

What is a Nursing Futurity?

While some nurses seem to be born, others are later drawn to the profession. Our nursing majors enrolled at Tarleton engage in similar painstaking processes in professional development with the help of their trainers, the nursing faculty. Until now, many excellent student projects, papers, posters and simulations have gone relatively unbeknownst to the professional healthcare public.

The Nursing Futurity is much more than a simple job fair in reverse. The events leading up to and surrounding the Futurity will continue our culture of excellence, encouraging leadership, service and nursing student success.

Futurities often showcase celebrity experts and ours will be no exception. "Come up to the fence" as they say in rodeo for our keynote speaker. Additional continuing education will be provided by an array of presentations from our nursing students, faculty and clinical practice partners through break out sessions also known as "sets" in the professional futurity world. Register here!

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