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Undergraduate Degree Programs



We have six different courses of study within the Geoscience field. Each has a slightly different emphasis. For specific requirements click on the link for each program.  You need to be aware that not all courses are offered every year and that courses required in other disciplines may occur at the same time as Geoscience courses.  (Course rotation schedule).  For that reason, we require that all majors meet with a Geoscience advisor every semester in order to graduate on time.

  • The hydrogeology concentration prepares students for graduate study or employment in hydrogeology. It focuses on those aspects of geology and related sciences that pertain to the occurrence, movement and quality of water with particular attention to groundwater and water-related environmental problems.

  • The environmental science concentration prepares students to work in the field of environmental science again with an emphasis on water. Most graduates get jobs with consulting firms or government. Often these are field jobs involving sample collection.

  • The geology concentration prepares students for a wide-range of associated geoscience careers. Many students follow this path if they are planning to go to graduate school in geology.

  • The petroleum concentration prepares students for employment in the oil and gas industry.

  • The teacher certification program prepares students to teach science in high school. The need for science teachers is growing as demonstrated by a report which showed that 98% of urban high schools had a shortage in science teachers. This is a comprehensive program in which you will become proficient in all science areas and certified to teach.

  • The Earth Science concentration was designed for those who desire a broad overview in the Earth Sciences. It also allows students who transfer in with a high number of hours in another area to complete their degree in a timely fashion. It is not recommended for those desiring to go to graduate school, although students have successfully gone on with this degree.