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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I be able to find a job after graduation?

It depends on many factors including the economy, your grades, and  whether or not you have engaged in activities that make you competitive.  There are a variety of entities that provide opportunities for entry level or career-track employment.  Check the student resources section for a list of organizations.

What do I do for an internship?

Guidelines for Doing an Internship

Internship Application (to be filled out by student)

Internship Agreement (to be filled out by student, intern advisor, and employer before internship starts)

Internship Evaluation (to be filled out by employer at conclusion of internship)

What can I do with a degree in Geoscience?

This is not an easy question to answer simply because there are so many possibilities.   There are entire books written on the subject.  Some of these books are available in Career Services and the Library.  The Department of Chemistry, Geoscience and Physics has many career books available in the main office, room 117 Science.

It is very important that you are aware of the many different kinds of career options and then focus your studies so that you will be qualified to do what you want to do.  All jobs are very competitive and it is critical that you take relevant courses and excel in them AND engage in a variety of  activities that will set you apart from less motivated students.

I'm interested in doing research, what do I do?
Visit our page describing faculty research interests and find a professor with interests that most closely match your own.  Learn about their research and then contact them to express your interest in doing research.  Explain why you want to do research.  It is a considerable time commitment for a professor to mentor student researchers, so professors will expect you to be highly motivated and productive in the lab or field.  Do not ask to get involved if you only want to add a line to your resume--you need to really want to do research and be fascinated by the research topic and techniques.