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Earth Science

EARTH SCIENCE (ES) Undergraduate Courses

2203. Geographic Information Systems for the Sciences. (2-3) Applications of geographic information systems in the geological, environmental, earth, and other sciences. Laboratory exercises will apply GIS programs to geological and environmental problems. Course fee $15.

3203. Astronomy. (3-0) A study of astronomical instrumentation and methodologies, a survey of the solar system, star evolution, cosmology and the origins of the universe, and a review of galactic types and histories. Theory reinforced by field experience. Prerequisites: GEOL 1054 and 1064 or approval of department head. Course fee $10

3303. Meteorology. (3-0) A study of the Earth's atmosphere and the basic principles of weather
analysis, climate and climatic controls, with emphasis on climatic effects on man. Theory reinforced by practical field experience. Prerequisites: GEOL 1054 or approval of department head. Course fee $10.

3403. Oceanography. (3-0) A study of our oceans from the physical, chemical, biological, and geological aspects. Theory reinforced by practical field experience. Prerequisites: GEOL 1054, 1064, junior classification or approval of department head. Course fee $40.

3503. Environmental Science. (3-0) Integration of existing knowledge of geological, hydrological, and environmental processes with environmental management and land-use planning issues; including discussions of surface and subsurface water quality and quantity, soil erosion, solid and liquid waste disposal and flooding. Case studies involving environmental impact analysis. Prerequisites: GEOL 1054, 1074; CHEM 1054, or approval of department head. Course fee: $10

4133. Environmental Techniques. (2-3) A survey of techniques used in environmental investigations focusing on sampling and geochemical methods important to the environmental industry. This will develop an understanding of methods of sampling and sample preparation, the capability to select appropriate measurement techniques, and the ability to assess results from environmental measurement programs. Investigations will be planned and executed and results interpreted and presented in various formats. Topics to be covered may include topographic surveying, geochemical sampling in surface waters and groundwater, soil sampling and site characterization. Prerequisite: GEOL 105, GEOL 314, MATH 109, AGRN 301 or approval of department head. Lab fee $10
Typically conducted as a 5 hour , one afternoon a week course.

4843. Earth Science Internship. (1-6) Pre-approved and supervised work experience in an environmental or earth science position in industry or the public sector. Prerequisite: Junior classification and approval of department head. Field experience fee $50.

4863. Problems. (Credit variable) A course open to capable Earth Science and Geology students. Topics may vary according to student need. May be repeated for credit, subject to the approval of the department head. Prerequisite: Approval of department head.