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Faculty and Staff

Biological Sciences - Faculty
Dr. Allan NelsonDr. Allan Nelson
Professor & Department Head
Office: SCI 203B
Phone: 254-968-9158
PhD, 1994, University of Oklahoma

Teaching Interests: Introduction to Marine Biology, Secondary Biology Education, Plant Taxonomy, Conservation Biology, and Environmental Biology

Research Interests: Plant conservation, bottomland forest ecology, and floristics of the Cross Timbers of Texas

Dr. John CalahanDr. John Calahan
Office: SCI 203 C
Phone: 254-968-9156
PhD, 1977, Texas A&M

Teaching Interests: Plant Physiology, Ecological Plant Physiology

Dr. Victoria ChraibiDr. Victoria Chraibi
Assistant Professor
Office: SCI 213 M
Phone: 254-968-9326
PhD, University of Nebraska

Teaching Interests: Limnology, Aquatic Environment

Research Interests: Diatoms

Dr. Dustin EdwardsDr. Dustin Edwards
Assistant Professor
Office: SCI 315
Phone: 254-968-9153
PhD, Baylor College of Medicine

Teaching Interests: Virology & Cell Biology

Research Interests: Virology & Cell Biology

Dr. Kristin HerrmannDr. Kristin Herrmann
Assistant Professor
Office: SCI 213 G
Phone: 254-968-9469
PhD, University of Otago, New Zealand

Teaching Interests: Parasitology, Invertebrate Zoology

Research Interests: Invertebrate Ecology and Parasitology

Dr. Christopher HigginsDr. Christopher Higgins
Associate Professor
Office: SCI 227
Phone: 254-968-9019
PhD, Texas Tech University

Teaching Interests: General Biology, Ecology & Evolution, Ichthyology, Research Design & Analysis

Research Interests: Ecology, Ichthyology

Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson
Instructor, Laboratory Coordinator
Office: SCI 441 F
Phone: 254-968-9687
MS, 2008, Tarleton State University

Teaching Interests: General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology

Dr. Donald KeithDr. Donald Keith
Professor Emeritus
Office: none
Phone: none
PhD, 1968, University of Southern California

Research Interests: Aquatic Ecology; Marine Invertebrate Ecology

Dr. Jesse MeikDr. Jesse Meik
Assistant Professor
Office: SCI 228
Phone: 254-968-9099
PhD, University of Texas at Arlington

Teaching Interests: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

Research Interests: Herpetology and evolutionary biology

Dr. Karen MurrayDr. Karen Murray
Associate Professor; Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Office: ADMIN 237
Phone: 254-968-9103
PhD, 2000, University of North Texas Health Science Center

Research Interests: Human Metabolism

Dr. Russell PfauDr. Russell Pfau
Office: SCI 213 H
Phone: 254-968-9761
PhD, 2000, Oklahoma State University

Teaching Interests: Heredity, Undergraduate Research

Research Interests: Population and evolutionary genetics

Callie PriceCallie Price
Office: SCI 301
Phone: none
Dr. Harold RathburnDr. Harold Rathburn
Associate Professor
Office: SCI 313
Phone: 254-968-9147
PhD, 1989, Kansas State University

Teaching Interests: General Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Development of Modern Biological Concepts

Research Interests: Application of biotechnology to enhance insect and drought resistance in agricultural crops

Dr. Max SanderfordDr. Max Sanderford
Associate Professor
Office: SCI 314
Phone: 254-968-9162
PhD, 1999, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Teaching Interests: General Biology, Animal Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology

Research Interests: Neural control of cardiovascular function

Brian ScogginsBrian Scoggins
Office: SCI 213 I
Phone: 254-968-9321
M.S. in Biology, 2012, Tarleton State University

Teaching Interests: General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Janice SpeshockDr. Janice Speshock
Assistant Professor
Office: SCI 213 J
Phone: 254-968-9341
PhD, 2007, Wayne State University

Teaching Interests: Microbiology, Pathogenic Microbiology, Immunology

Research Interests: Silver Nanoparticle Neutralization of Viruses

Dr. Phil SudmanDr. Phil Sudman
Professor & Executive Director, Fort Worth Campus
Office: SCI 404
Phone: 254-968-9154 or 817-484-4229
PhD, Texas A & M University, 1989

Teaching Interests: General Biology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Evolution

Research Interests: Conservation genetics; Vertebrate biology

Biological Sciences - Staff
Ron BulmanRon Bulman
Stores Supervisor
Office: SCI 229
Phone: 254-968-9155
Melissa BrownMelissa Brown
Administrative Assistant
Office: SCI 203
Phone: 254-968-9159