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Tarleton Physics Program Accelerator Facility

1. 3-SDH Tandem Accelerator From National Electrostatics Corporation

This accelerator was obtained by Dr. Marble from CalTech and professionally installed by NEC. Dr. Marble and his research assistants have installed several improvements upon the original machine including dual ion sources, improved vacuum system, and a new electronic charging control system.

  1. 1.0 MV Terminal Rating
  2. Alphatross Gas Ion Source
  3. RBS/Channeling UHV Research Line and Chamber
  4. UNH Teaching Beamline and Chamber
  5. Beam Chopper For Beam Normalization
  6. Performing NRA, PIXE, RBS, RFS, etc.
  7. Oxygen Detection Using 3.04 MeV He++
  8. Wide Range of Detectors (HpGe, Si(Li), NaI, Surface Barrier, etc)
2. Data Acquisition

The accelerator facility contains a wide range of NIM electronics, detectors, and several Spectrum Techniques US-30 Multichannel Analyzers. PC based Canberra Multichannel Analyzers operating under Genie-2000 are also available to provide remote and local access to data acquisition in real time over both the Tarleton LAN and the Internet.

3. Building

The Tarleton Physics Program's accelerator facility is located on the second floor of Tarleton's $28,000,000 science building. Data from the facility is connected to the Advanced Physics Lab for teaching larger groups. The facility can also be connected to a state-of-the-art classroom for distance learning and video conferencing to other institutions in the Texas Physics Consortium. The room provides compressed video to other Texas A&M System Campuses over the Trans-Texas Video Network (TTVN).