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Ultra Club Members

2015 - 2016

Corporate Benefactors

Ann Albrecht and Dennis Jones
Teresa Davidian
Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Dr. Darrel B. and Dr. Karen R. Murray
Gary and Roxzann Glick


Marion Cole
Shirley Diener
Drs. Dominic and Lisette Dottavio
Rose Ann and David Kincannon
Dr. Charles and Cynthia Rives
State Farm Companies Foundation
Dwayne and Connie Snider
Kent and Kelli Styron
Don and Pat Zelman


Betsy and Greg Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Birdsong, III
Russell and Linda Bowden
Barry and Paulette Cavitt
Donna and David Clopton
Don and Velda Coan
Mark Garner Davis
Kenneth and Abigail Foreman
Scott's Flowers on the Square
John and Georgie Green
Kurt and Vicky Johnson
Drs. Mark and Pam Littleton
Barbara S. McKnight
Mike and Judy McNeill
William A. Newcomb
Tom and Carol Richey
Charles and Marilyn Robitaille
Ray and Donna Savage
Dr. Jim and Barbara Terrell
Rueben and Mary Walter
Fred and Judy Warden
Robert and Sandra Wright


Dr. David Weissenburger and Adrian Sigel
Tamsin and Bruce Boardman
Dwain and Carolyn Bruner
Ken and Pat Broeder
Ron and Jill Burk
Bill and Betty Chandler
Mallory Young and Craig Clifford
Dayle and Joan Cox
Perry D. Elliott
Marie Davidian
Richard Denning
Richard and Esther Jones
Fred and Beverley Gillespie
Mrs. O.A. Grant
Josh and Michelle Hanlon
James and Cathy Hartmann
Darlene E. Holtorf
Janice Horak
Tommie and Sylvia Huckabee
Dr. Kam and Joanne Ip
Gary and Bettye Key
Joe and Anita Lane
Mary Park Lilly
Mike and Debbie Lincoln
George and Kathleen Mollick
Alan and Miranda Nash
Dr. Weldon Newton
Richard and Janis Petronis
Terry and Alyce Price
LeVena Prichard
Danna Procter
Lonn and Misty Reismann
Roland and Henry Russell
Pamela and Joseph Sawyer
Karole Schroeder
Mark and Cindy Shipman
Mike and Sally Simpson
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Gary and Judy Spindor
Jim and Bobbie Stanfield
Alisa Terrell Starbird
Kenneth and Diane Stokes
FMC Technologies
Stephen W. Trogdon
Russell and Lisa Walker
Nathan and Keri White
Lowel and Sophie Wilson


Mary Batchelor
Robert Benton
Nancy Cooper in Memory of Michael Cooper, BFA 2000
Pat Jones
Kathy Sandin