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Students of any major can participate in the Pre-Law Program, which consists of classes recommended to help students prepare for the law school admissions test (LSAT) and their first year of law school. These courses have been selected after consultation with law school deans and admission directors.

There are three distinct tracks for those who wish to pursue Pre-Law at Tarleton State:  


Admissions directors will look favorably on honors classes and honors degrees. So, taking honors classes will help you in this respect. In addition the honors classes will help develop reading and writing skills necessary for a strong LSAT performance. We recommend the honors sections of ENGL 112, COMS 101, HIST 201 & 202, and POLS 201 & 202. Take as many of these as you can. Check with the Honors College for more information.


Two sections of the LSAT test relate to reasoning and reading comprehension skills. For years philosophy courses and majors have helped students develop these important characteristics. We recommend taking PHIL 101 (Introduction to Philosophy) and PHIL 201 (Logic).

Other courses

Other courses that will help you prepare for law school are those that require reading, writing and analysis skills. Specific ones include; accounting, mathematics, literature and debate.  

Undergraduate law

The value of undergraduate law courses is controversial. Many students interested in law should take at least one course to expose them to the concepts. Students should also take courses that are a part of their major, and many of the majors at Tarleton State University do offer undergraduate coursework focusing on the law. However, do not assume an undergraduate law course will be similar to the same class in a law school.