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Master of Music in Music Education

Master of Music in Music Education

The MM in Music Education degree consists of 36 hours with two tracks, thesis or non-thesis. Since it is a completely online program, students can work around their schedule. Courses are 8 weeks long, instead of a full semester, so that the end-of-course papers, exams, and projects do not coincide and conflict with the end-of-semester programs and performances that are typically require of music educators.

Your Future: What sets Tarleton apart from similar programs is that it includes both elementary and secondary music education components. Elective courses range from Psychology of Music, to Technology in the Classroom, to Ethnomusicology. You will be able to excel in a profession like music education, where change is rapid and exciting.

Program Options

Choose from three degree tracks:

  1. 12 courses (36 hours)
  2. 10 courses (30 hours) plus Thesis (6 hours)
  3. 10 courses (30 hours) plus Curriculum Project (6 hours)

Students taking two concurrent courses each long semester and two in the summer can finish the degree in two years.