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Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music

This degree program is designed for the student who wants to have a broader liberal arts experience, double major in both music and another subject, or a professional career in the music industry.

Music Business Emphasis Option

As an option for students interested in the business aspects of the music world, Tarleton’s Department of Fine Arts has developed a Music Business emphasis within the Bachelor of Arts in Music program.

The emphasis adds courses in audio technology and audio production to enhance skills in that area, as well as classes in arts and entertainment promotion, and in marketing.  The combination of courses and interaction with the College of Business Administration gives students with this emphasis a track to move into the music business scene. 

A key element is the required internship, which places students in hands-on positions with music business enterprises and provides valuable experiences for future careers.

Bachelor of Music Degree with Teacher Certification

This professional education degree prepares the student to teach in the elementary and secondary schools in Texas.

Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance

This program is designed for the students who want to pursue a professional career in performance.

  • Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance

Master of Music in Music Education

This degree program was developed with the practicing teacher in mind.

Undergraduate Music Education

Teacher Education Program

Formal application to the Teacher Education Program shall be made at the completion of the following:

  1. 60 hours with a C average (2.6 GPA); developmental course hours do not count.
  2. MUSC 1474, 1484, 2474, 2484, 8 hours of applied principal instrument with an average grade not lower than C (2.6); and acceptance into music program.
  3. 12 hours English with a grade of C or better and MATH 1073 or 1083.
Student Teaching

In addition to education requirements, the following music requirements must be completed prior to application for student teaching.

  1. Piano Proficiency Examination
  2. Sight Singing Proficiency Examination
  3. Proficiency Examinations on Principal Instrument or Voice
  4. MUSC 3111, 3121, 3153, and 3163
  5. Recital requirements.