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Student Resources

Art/Digital Media Studies Major Handbook

Click here to download the 2016/2017 Art/Digital Media Studies Major Handbook.  In it you will find important information about the department, the curriculum, and news pertaining to the upcoming school year.

Started in 2013, is a resource for students that contains information on art jobs, internships, and calls for shows.  it also contains interviews with other artists, practical art info, and regular columns.  Click here to visit

Course Websites

Tarleton Arts Society

Since 2009, the Tarleton Arts Society is a student-run art club at Tarleton, promoting art and artistic knowledge while bringing people together in a coalition of talents and friendships.  Activities range from fundraisers, mural paintings, field trips and workshops.  All students are welcome to join. See the Tarleton Artist Society Facebook page for more info.

Tarleton Game Club

The Tarleton Game club is a student-run art club at Tarleton that meets weekly, usually in FA room 162. Tarleton Game Club is a club that promotes game design, games, game development and more for Tarleton students and staff. Each year the club hosts tournaments, LAN parties, designs their own games, and enters game design competitions.  See the Tarleton Game Club Facebook page  and the Steam page for more info.

Tarleton Art/Digital Media Links on Social Media

Art Teacher Education Links