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Degrees offered in the Art Program at Tarleton State

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art

University General Education Requirements - 42 Credit Hours

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Core Courses

Core Requirements
  • ARTS 1311 Design I
  • ARTS 1312 Design II
  • ARTS 1316 Drawing I
  • ARTS 1317 Drawing II
  • ARTS 1303 Art History I
  • ARTS 1304 Art History II
  • ARTS 2348 Digital Art I
  • ARTS 2326 Sculpture I
  • ARTS 2316 Painting I
  • ARTS 2356 Photography I
  • ARTS 3331 Contemporary Movements in Art
  • ARTS 4390 Portfolio Capstone 
  • FINA 4301 The Arts in Contemporary Society

Additional Emphasis Requirements (must choose one)

Studio Art Emphasis 

  • Advanced ART Electives (21 semester hours)
  • Advanced Electives (12 semester hours)
  • Electives (3 semester hours)
  • Advanced ENGL Elective

Teaching Certification Emphasis

  • ARTS 3311 Experimental Media Studio
  • ARTS 3341 Painting II
  • ARTS 3351 Sculpture II
  • Advanced ART Electives (6 semester hours)
  • PSYC 2308 Child Psychology or PSYC 3303 Educational Psychology or CHFS 3300 Child Development
  • COMM 1311 Intro to Speech Communication or COMM 1315 Public Speaking or COMM 2302 Business and Professional Speaking
  • READ 3351 Content Area Reading
  • EDUC 3320 Professional Development I: Understanding Learners
  • EDUC 3330 Professional Development II: Effective Instruction
  • EDUC 4330 Professional Development III: Application of Effective Teaching Practices
  • EDUC 4335 Professional Development IV: Issues in Professional Development
  • EDUC 4690 Clinical Teaching

Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Media Studies

Additional Information

What is the difference between a BFA in Studio Art and a BS in Digital Media Studies?

Whereas both degrees contain a comprehensive digital design curriculum, the BS in Digital Media Studies leans more toward commercial client-based and team oriented digital design study, whereas the BFA leans more toward self-expression in digital fine arts and design. While both degrees offer the interdisciplinary degree plan as opposed to the specialized training a "technical school" would offer, students are advised to focus their interests in a particular digital medium near graduation once they have acquired the base of digital media design skills Tarleton offers. We believe that a program like ours enables students to develop that broad base in digital media design, which will prepare them for the intellectual and technical challenges in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.