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Welcome to the Texas Social Media Research Institute

The Texas Social Media Research Institute


We are pleased you are visiting the website of the new Texas Social Media Research Institute at Tarleton State University.
This institute is a cross-collaborative initiative consisting of faculty, staff, and students who are focused on social media in Texas.

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Meet our Social Media Coaches!

The Texas Social Media Coaches After the 2015 Conference

TSMRI Coaches - Executive Team

Team Leader/Content Generator: Coach Alexandra Farrington

Conference Planning: Coach Torri Carroll

Conference Planning Content Team: Coach Bertie Gardner

External Account: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (@FWMSH)

Team Leader/Content Generator: Coach Katlyn Greening

Content Team: Coach Elba Orellana, Coach Jeffery Nwidobie

Internal Account: Tarleton Sustainability Initiative (@SustainableTSU)

Team Leader/Content Generator: Coach Shavon Cashion

Content Team: Coach Ricky Harris

Internal Account: Texas Social Media Research Institute (@TSMRI)

Team Leader/Content Generator: Coach Marisa Alvarez

Content Team: Coach Aissa Martinez, Coach Ashlyn Bracewell

Internal Account: TSU Nursing Department (@TSUNurses)

Team Leader/Content Generator: Coach Kelsey Armstrong

Content Team: Coach Kaitlyn Tonkin

If your non-profit organization or business would like to form a partnership with TSMRI, please contact us: 254-307-8211 or


  • To provide support, training, and research focused on social media for K-12 education, government, higher education, businesses, and non-profit organizations.


  • To provide social media support and coverage for non-profit organizations and businesses (Texas and beyond).
  • To connect with practitioners to facilitate training sessions for faculty, businesses, and non-profit organizations.
  • To publish and present communication technology and social media research on the local, regional, and national levels.
  • To provide research experience for undergraduate students at Tarleton State University.
  • To serve as a resource for faculty and staff (across the nation) who are interested in conducting research on communication technology and social media.

TSMRI Board Members

TSMRI Journal and Digital Presence Team

Past TSMRI Board Members

  • Ms. Cristi Horton, 2011-2013 Board Member/Researcher (founding/past board member)
  • Dr. Paul Stafford, 2013-2014 Board Member/Researcher
  • Dr. Kayla Peak, 2012-2013 Board Member
  • Ms. Alana Hefner, 2012-2013 Board Member

Faculty/Staff Research Fellowship Opportunities - Application

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Internship - Application

Current interns can be reached at

Fall 2011 TSMRI interns        Spring 2012 interns       TSMRI interns at the 2012 conference