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Course Offerings

Course offerings

ENGL 598 Methods of Bibliography and Research

3 hr

ENGL 530 Studies in Rhetoric

3 hr

ENGL 550 Studies in Literature Before 1500      OR

ENGL 585 English Seminar

3 hr

ENGL 580 Studies in the Teaching of Composition

3 hr

ENGL 510 Studies in American Literature,

ENGL 540 Studies in Modern Fiction,        OR

ENGL 560 Modern American and British Poetry

3 hr

ENGL 520 Studies in the English Language      OR

ENGL 570 Studies in Comparative Literature

3 hr

Course selection varies

*This schedule is subject to change, without effect to completion of the program.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, 2 classes are typically offered online. During the Summer semester, 3 classes are usually offered online.

Every Spring and Fall ENGL 597 Internship is offered, and ENGL 586 Directed Readings for Thesis and Non-Thesis is possible for individual faculty chairing a committee. Additionally, ENGL 588 Thesis hours are also possible for individual faculty. These are not courses that count as part of the faculty load. Chairing a Thesis committee does count as 1/3 of a course for banking graduate hours.