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2011 3-Day-Walk

3day                    3day

Tarleton Sports Medicine athletic training students and staff participated in the 2011 Susan G. Komen 3-Day-Walk. The event was held in Dallas, Texas November 4-6. The event is to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. The walkers walked 20 miles per day for three consecutive days.  The athletic training students provided sports medicine services for the walkers including blister and wound care, immediate first aid, and stretching exercises. The students also had the opportunity to work along side other students and professionals. This was the fourth time sports medicine students and staff have participated in the event. Participating students and staff included:

Nellasha Davis
Kathryn Sparkman
Tiffany Crossland
Ashley Mallen
Rachel Starbuck
Jonathan Tucker
Megan McIntosh
Alex Medrano
Fabricio Berlango
Steve Simpson