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Welcome Cadets

Welcome Cadets to the Texan Battalion!

Welcome to all new cadets, future cadets and returning cadets to the Texan Battalion's cadet homepage. Here you will find information on what all happens in the Tarleton State University ROTC program. Whether you are new to the program, interested in finding out information, or you are continuing your stay in the program, feel free to click on the links to the right and to the left for more information on the program.

You will find information on:

Cadets be sure to:

  • Send an invitation to the TSU Texan Battalion facebook group.
  • Follow TarletonAROTC on Twitter.

Cadets be aware of:

  • The PT Schedule is subject to change.
  • Be sure to look at the PT schedule for PT sessions and for updates on the facebook page for upcoming ROTC events as well as on the Message Board out side the ROTC Office.

MSIII's: Need help on Yellow Cards? Click here for an detailed example of steps on the correct STAR format and a great list of adjectives.