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Simultaneous Membership Program

The Simultaneous Membership Program allows you to attend Army ROTC and serve in the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard at the same time.  It gives you an opportunity for additional training and experience.  Cadets serve as officer Trainees in the Reserve or National Guard while completing college.  You can earn Reserve/Guard pay and benefits in addition to your Army ROTC allowances.


ROTC offers 2, 3, and 4 year campus based scholarships.  Requirements for scholarships are a minimum of a 19 ACT score and a 2.5 High School GPA.  Scholarships pay:

   * Up to $20,000 tuition and/or room and board

   * Annual book Allowance of $1200

   * Monthly Stipend for Contracted Cadets (as follows):

  • College Sophomores - $350 per month (10 months)
  • College Juniors - $450 per month (10 months)
  • College Seniors - $500 per month (for 9-10 months)

As an SMP Cadet, you are a member of both your National Guard or Army Reserve Unit and the Tarleton State University ROTC Texan Battalion as well.  You will be entitled to all of your previous National Guard or Reserve Entitlements.  These include:

   * Drill Pay in the Grade of E-5

   * ROTC Stipend (See above for rates)

   * Kicker is increased to$350 per month

   * Federal Tuition Assistance up to $4500 per Fiscal Year, depending upon funding availability

   * Opportunity to Commission in the Active Army

   * Guard Tuition Incentive program $1000 per semester (National Guard Only)

The requirements for contracting as an SMP Cadet are:

   * Minimum 2.0 GPA

   * Must pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)

   * Must pass height and weight standards

   * Must pass physical

   * No Felony Convictions

   * Must have a minimum of 3 semester remaining until graduation (degree completion)

For additional information, please contact:

     CPT Jim Cheshier or Mr. Joe Gonzales, HRA